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spider ball python
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    Up for sale I have several adult royals for sale which unfortunately no longer fit in with my breeding plans. All are strike feeding on F/T rats and are in perfect health. All have also been cooled for the breeding season so are good to go! Can courier at buyers expense using a DEFRA licensed...
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    CB13 Female spider royal python. Currently eating defrosted small rats. Weighed in tonight 04/05/2014 at 740 g. Very pretty girl will make some stunning off spring. Very slight head wobble when it comes to feeding, apart from that none is apparent.Pooping , shedding , and feeding brilliantly ...
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    230g Feeds like a machine Male spider royal python CB12 Handleable Sheds and poops fine Pick up from corfe Mullen Courier at your expense £100 - a steal for such a lovely snake !!
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    Gorgeous friendly spider ball python for sale Eating medium mice Poos, sheds and eats fine Weighs 151g CB12 Real nice little morph to add to a collection £120 Ono £15 extra for rub as well. Any questions do ask Adding pic ASAP
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    CB12 Spider Royal Python Male
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    so i was having a debate with someone the other day about the spider to spider mystery. from what i can see there is no super spider and nor does breeding spider to spider cause a killer gene that makes the snake die before or shortly after birth. but i have people telling me otherwise, also...
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    I have for sale from this years clutches. All feeding on deforst, shedding, pooing etc Female Spider, she has a nice reduced pattern and is approx 230g - feeds on med/large mice and rat chubs. £250 Normal male 1 approx 100g - feeds on small/med mice - £35 ono Normal Male...
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    Dont see any future plans for her thought I would see if any one would consider a swap Layed 5 good eggs in July back eating well again over 1000gs well get exact weight tomorrow Would pretty much consider anything Thanks
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    hi we our selling one of our 2012 cb male spider ball pythons he is feeding on rat fluffs and weighs 198gs please feel free to pm or call me for any further info thanks steph 02380 671594
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    Hi guys, need to downsize as just no time with my 6 month old baby! Male spider royal born 25/12/11 eats, poos, handles well, sheds in bits but fine after a moss box. £200 Male Snow corn approx 2/3yrs. Eats, poos, sheds and handles well. £100 Young female snow corn approx 18mnths. Eats, poos...
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    I am selling this girl as i now have double gene females and no longer need her . She is aprox 2.5 kgs and feeds on LIVE rats . Thanks Helen
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    Hi I am no longer able to give my snakes the attention they deserve as baby and having to work away is taking up all of my time so unfortunately i will have to let my male proven Normal Royal who weighs 920g and a 2011 Spider Royal who weighs 260g. Spider will eat 1 large mouse a week and...
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    Hello RFUK I have up for sale my CB11 female spider royal. She is Growing very nicely. She is feeding great on small weaner rats. Sheding & pooing with know problems. She was last weighed on may 12th and she was 331G. She is great to handle, has a little hiss noiw and then but thats about it...
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    so, today I finally got around to shooting one of my snakes in my home studio this is Marvel the Spider Royal Python, he is mad, hope you like
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    Hello guys I have decided to do a new thread for my CB11 spider's + normal's. I have for sale the following 1.1 Spiders & 2.0 normal's These hatched out between the 6th - 9 october. They have had their first feed on defroated mice fuzzies, The will require a few more feeds before i am willing...
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    Hello guys As the title says i have for sale this years babys spiders + normals. I have 1.1 spirders + 2.0 normals. These have just hatched and gone into shed. I will be letting them go after they have had 3 feeds with me. These where bred by me, both mum & dad can be seen. First up is the...
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    Cb11 male spider with full setup (viv, heat mat, ceramis heater and guard, thermostat and thermometers, hides and water bowls). Eats, poops and shedding great.
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    i was just browsing videos and came across this, its this guys first ever clutch and just look at those odds!! First clutch of ball pythons. - YouTube cheers, Benn
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    I have available some surplus hatchlings: All Het Pieds produced by me are 100% het (Pied x Normal and Pied x Poss het) Please be aware some are in shed and not looking their best! 1. Het Pied Female 177g Mice £180 2. Het Pied Male 162g Mice £70 3. Het Pied Female 162g Mice £180 4...
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    hey there! im looking for a male spider royal. must be tame and breeding size or just below, dont have a huge budget but can pay around £100 but let me know what you have and we might be able to come to an arrangement. i have many other snakes that i could possibly part ex so message me!
1-20 of 37 Results