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    Looking to build my collection up after several years with just a few spiders. Ideally looking for slings / juveniles to keep the costs as low as possible and to grow them on. Thanks Rob
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    Any type as long as they are local to me in Seaham. County Durham or within 15 miles.
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    Tarantulas for sale 20/07 SPIDERLINGS Lampropelma violaceopes £7, more than 100 - £4, more than 150 - 3£ each Hysterocrates laticeps £3 Poecilotheria metallica £18 Poecilotheria rufilata £9 Cyriocosmus elegans £4 Omothymus schioedtei £8 Ceratogyrus darlingi £3 ADULT MALES Poecilotheria...
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    Macrothele gigas spiderlings, 4th molt. For experienced owners only, nasty bite and very fast! RMSD £8 or free with 4 or more.
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    SCORPIONS: Scorpio maurus (Large Clawed) £15 Heterometrus longimanus (Asian Forest) Unsexed £20 Hadrurus arizonensis (Desert Hairy) Males £30 Each Heterometrus laoticus (Laos Forest Scorpion) SEXED PAIR £40 Vaejovis Spinigerus (Stripe-tailed scorpion) (x1 Available) £20 SPIDERLINGS LESS...
  6. Spiders and Inverts
    I bought a pair of Regal slings at SEAS today but I can't find much information on their growth rate, only that they'll moult about 5-6 times in their life. I've owned a jumping spider before but I bought her as an adult so I didn't have to deal with any of this last time. Unfortunately I...
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    0.0.1 Chilobrachys sp "Vietnam blue" 3-4cm £7 0.0.5 Chilobrachys sp "Penang" 2cm £5 each 0.0.4 Brachypelma albopilosum 2-3cm £3 0.0.2 Haplopelma vonwirthi 2cm £5 ^^ £45 posted for the lot ^^ Cheers :-)
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    Hi, I have a load of Holothele incei sling that I need to shift. 10x for £20 posted RMSD Then £1 each after that. I will also consider trades :-) Cheers Gaz
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    Harpactira pulchripes spiderlings £50 each or 2 for £95
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    Unsexed Juveniles Avicularia minatrix (1,5cm body), £15 Avicularia versicolor (1,5cm body), £14 Brachypelma smithi (1,5cm body), £12 Ceratogyrus darlingi (1,5cm body), £6 Euathlus spec. Green (1,5cm body), 15€ Euathlus spec. Purple (1,5cm body), 15€ Grammostola pulchripes (aureostriata), (1,5cm...
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    Hi, I have P cambridgei spiderlings for sale. They are £2.50 each or £2 for 10 or more. P&P will be £4 for 1st class and £8 for next day delivery. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks Andy
  12. Spiders and Inverts
    Preamble I lost a 2nd P. Metallica sling yesterday. The first one I lost was about 3mths ago after its 2nd or 3rd moult. The one I lost yesterday was after its 5th or 6th moult. I now have 4 left which are all about 3-3.5cm in body length. My collection is 16 tarantulas, 14 of these are...
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    G. Pulchra (Brazilian Black) 1inch leg span £15 image by PythonJD, on Flickr L. Parahybana (Salmon Pink Birdeater 2inch leg span £15 image by PythonJD, on Flickr
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    Hi guys finally moved into a nice big house with a room I can dedicate to the hobby I used to love. Was wondering if anyone has any slings available for free or for just postage
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    Tarantula spiderling's available: Brazilian White Knee (Acanthoscurria geniculata) Large spiderlings (1.5cm) £8.00 each Bulk: 5 for £35.00, 10 for £60.00 Honduran Curly Hair (Brachypelma albopilosum) Spiderlings (1-1.5cm) £6.00 each Bulk: 5 for £25.00, 10 for £40.00 Mexican Red Knee...
  16. Spiders and Inverts
    I sat back and counted the species that I've been pairing up lately and thought that was quite a lot (for me anyway) My list is: G.Pulchra, H.Gigas(Hobby Form), P.Murinus, E.Murinus, H.Lividium and P.Metallica What's your list? ;)
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    Poecilotheria metallica spiderlings for sale £20 each, delivery via RMSD £7.50
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    Looking to start a collection up again after many years away, starting from scratch and the cheapest way possible :) with young uns. Especially interested in the genera above though not exclusively and ideally looking for spiders large enough to take micro crickets. Given the cost of postage...
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    All prices are for an individual pot. Discount for bulk starts at 10+, so please ask for quotes. All postage will be worked out per order, but shouldn't be any more than £5, small orders of a few pots will be about £3 going with Royal Mail, bigger orders will go via courier. The prices...
  20. Spiders and Inverts
    Both my A. Genics have now moulted and look beautiful, but I noticed a difference in colour in them and was wondering if that is just different for each spiderling, the same as temperament can vary, or if there's another explanation. Cuddles at moulting: 4 days after, first feed, nice even...
1-20 of 118 Results