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    Pair of pure diamond pythons (Morelia spilota spilota), bred in Germany. Four years old and about 4-5ft long. Great feeders. Cooled each winter.
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    Hello guys, this is my Irian jaya carpet python, hope you enjoy the video :2thumb: :lol2:
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    I took in this lovely girl around a year ago from a friend who was no longer in a position to care for her. Unfortunately I don't have the space for her anymore and I'd like to get her to a new home. From what I was told, she was born sometime in late 2012 and is a Jungle Carpet Python...
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    Dimitrije(Dmitry) here from Belgrade, Serbia. I am following this forum for over a year and just wanted to say It's great. I'm in terraristics for almost a year. First coldblooded friend was Leopard gecko I've got for my birthday last february. After few months I bought Jungle carpet python and...
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    Quality High Yellow Pure Jungle Carpet Pythons. Bred by myself and born 27th April 2013. Sire - Hans Winner and Dame - Mark Harris. Three males available at £150 each - colour change starting and expect these to be stunning and like the parents hold their yellow into adulthood. Collection...
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    A proven pair of classic Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons. I am downsizing and could do with moving these on. They are both great feeders taking a rat every three weeks. Good healthy snakes, shed in one piece, she has produced 12 eggs this year. I may throw in a homemade 4ft viv with heater + guard...
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    For sale: 2.1 2012 Caramel Coastal Carpet Pythons (Morelia spilota mcdowelli) Males: £80 each Female: £100 Pair: £150 Trio: £200 All are smashing small mice and are cracking examples of their species/morph.
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    For sale: 1.0 2010 UK Pythons Jungle Zebra Carpet Python (Morelia spilota cheynei): £500 (will breed this season!)
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    For sale: 1.0 2010 UK Pythons Zebra Jungle Carpet Python. Feeds well, great temperament and stunning! £650
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    Hey guys, I've very kindly been passed the Stan Chiras papers other than that i have copy of the complete carpet python. :blush: Just looking for suggestions of more good relevant reading material anyone can advise me of? Much appreciated Nathan
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    For sale are 1.1 Jungle Carpet Pythons produced by Mark Harris. Both having great colour. The female is another of Mark's holdbacks that I managed to finaggle off of him but like all great looking Carpets she is a very fussy feeder, I'm sure she will convert to rats soon but it will definitely...
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    1.0 Zebra Jungle Carpet Python for sale. CB'10, produced by Paul Harris of UK Pythons, has only refused one meal in the time I've had him (since 18.12.10), sheds perfectly, regular defecation, all round a great animal and one that I have been very torn between selling and keeping! Hisses and...
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    I recently got 2 carpet pythons. I've been on the look out for some for a few months and was leaning towards JCPs, and I seen two in a shop (I'd never usually buy an animal from a shop), and I had to get them, their temperaments are great and they look great too. They where sold as JCPs, but...
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    Thinning out my collection of spilota so this cracking reverse trio is up for grabs. 2.1 CB'11 Rockhampton locality Coastal Carpet Pythons produced by Andy Loucas. All are great feeders, perfect shedders, easy to handle and a great breeding project waiting to happen for though interested in...
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    Thinning out my collection of spilota so I'm reluctantly letting this little guy go as I only have this single male. Male CB'11 New Guinea Carpet Python produced by Andy Loucas. Great feeder, perfect shedder, easy to handle and a great example of this subspecies. Not many of these about. £180...
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    I wasn't expecting to breed this female again this year but she did lock with the male again and she was filling up quickly. Yesterday she was found around what seemed to be a big pile of eggs. Unfortunately it was only 1 good egg, 9 fertilized "boob" eggs and 11 slugs. All the fertilized...
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    Please don't just go off on one and flame me please. I was in two minds whether to post this as I've seen how people instantly jump on others when theres something they don't agree with yet may not even have experience in. By all means debate the topic but don't be a d**k. I've been reading...
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    Very nice male, proven breeder, bred by Marc Mense. Price 875 euro. I can bring the snake to Hamm in december.
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    Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances i have to part with my snakes :( This sale is hard enough so please; no timewasters or tyre kickers. I will offer a discount for the pair. I can provide a 3ft setup at extra cost, however the jungle jag will need a 4ft viv. This is my Female 2010...
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    If any one is interested i have a friend who has 3 female 2010 pure diamonds for sale, the parent female is from precision reps and the male is from Hainer Jaeger, all eating and shedding fine £650 each, pics on request paul
1-20 of 24 Results