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spiny tail
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    2 male high yellow / high contrast Spiny tail geckos. 4 years old - both perfect £100
  2. Lizards
    First a disclaimer! I received some bad advice from the pet shop I bought him from and I am in the process of fixing decisions made based on that advice. Also in the pictures/videos a lot of his stuff has been removed so I could get some good pictures/videos. 1) Glass cage - I have now covered...
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    Here for sale I have an adult Ackie or Spiny-tail monitor out of no fault of his own. I am not 100% sure on the its sex but it was sold to me as a male. It does have some toes missing from previous ownership but this doesn't affect it in any way. He is roughly five years old. The cheaper...
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    Male uromastyx for sale about 3 years big adult size. Not really that friendly but once out Viv can handle easy. All good in terms of eating shedding and pooing. Hubby has now taught him to hand feed. We are selling some of our reptiles as we became a home for waifs n strays of the rep world and...
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    8 females, 4 males Breeding group of 6, 2 makes 4 females all laid eggs Breeding pair Breeding pair 2 odd females that have laid eggs May split groups but want bulk sale
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    Hi, I'm after a female U. occelata and hardwicki in England or Wales. Could you send me a message, if you have one for sale, please. Thank you.
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    I am looking to sell my collection of Strophurus geckos. Very cool geckos and very easy to care for. 1.1 Strophurus Taenicauda - £275 Too young to breed atm, but the female is dropping dud eggs Both around 18 months old Ready to breed next season In great health, pooing, shedding and eating...
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    Reducing my collection I have a yellow fase Moroccan Uromastyx (U. acanthinura nigriventris) for sale. Fully vegetarian lizard. Eating, shedding, pooing well. He is a 15 ’’ long, 4 years old male, good to be bred. Doesn’t like to be pat, but he is ok when out. We can meet the buyer at the...
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    can be up to a year old, must have tail/toes intact :) I may be willing to pay more providing a ceramic bulb could be included, it would be nice to have a spare :) contact me by email if you have a juvenile/hatchling available. MUST be shipped, I can pay by paypal :) unfortunately, I don't...
  10. Lizards
    Does anyone have a picture of both a male and female underside of a ridge tail monitor showing the difference of with and without hemipenal bulges?
  11. Lizard Pictures
    Hi guys just a few pics of my uromastyx ..... enjoy..... My Maliensis male Maliensis female: Acanthinura male Ornate trio Male Female: Female Juvenile ornates 2011 some more juveniles pics as they are so cute!!!! I will update this later with some more...
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    big male spiny iguana over 2 foot so not fully grown, he is snappy so not for handling but a brilliant looking boy nice colour and pattern feeds on mice and locust, fantastic looking and rare to see these days, the female a little smaller than the male but with lovely marking on her, she again...
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    looking for adult spiny tail iguanas, only females, will pay cash and pick up within 3 days, if you know anyone who has any please let me know, thanks
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    i have for sale my male ackie dwarf monitor and his setup ackis is around 20 months old and is in good health eats sheds and poos well. he is friendly but can be skittish never any sighns of aggresion. setup includes 4ft vivexotic vivarium (4 months old) plants decor branches. heat bulb and...
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    I am selling my lovely Egyptian Euromastyx as I am moving abroad. She is 3 years old in March 2011 and very tame
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    I have for sale my trio of adult Strophurus williamsi. They are proven and produced lots of beautiful babies this year. The only reason these are up for sale is that I need the space for an upcoming project. They feed really well on a variety of insects - crickets, dubia roaches, small mealies...
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    I have available 3 unsexed baby Australian spiny tail gecko's available. Collection can be made from Collier Row in Essex or I can courier to you(weather permitting) for £30 or you can collect from the Kidderminster show. £100 each or £270 for all three!
  18. Lizards
    Hi all! Have three in 5x2x2 viv, temps etc all good......problem is this: until last month or so all apparently getting on fine, then male (I think) starts being aggressive towards smaller (unsure of sex!) fella, result being smaller one not coming out as much as others (other presumed and...
1-18 of 18 Results