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    I now have male and female Yellow Splatters available £3000 each Male Splatters £1250 each Yellow Splatter in pic SOLD. There are only several people currently working with the Yellow Splatters in the world and only 2 people that have produced the amazing Super Type Splatters in the world. I...
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    2013 Splatter male available for a lower price until the 12th Jan. feeding on live but trying to switch him to df. £400
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    These have just shed and will be available once feeding well. £675 each. I will consider payment plans and exchanges. I can courier at cost.
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    Confidently strike feeding on defrost mice, after initially being a dreadful feeder for her first twelve months. Now weighing 825g. Cash offers considered and would consider trades for other female ball morphs. Any questions, feel free to send me a PM. Cheers Rob
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    I have a few males for sale, all feeding on defrost. I will be traveling from Gloucester to Preston on the 18th May so if your close to my route delivery will be free otherwise i can courier at cost. Proven male Cinnamon £150 Proven male Pied £650 2012 male Splatter pastel £1200
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    2012 Splatter pastel male feeding on df rats. £1200. I will take exchanges on this guy but only looking for female morphs.
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    Here's the latest availability list. All of these animals are now well established on defrost and now weigh 100g+. Males 1.0 Mojave £125 each 1.0 Woma £125 each 1.0 Genetic Stripe £350 each 1.0 Pastel £65 each 1.0 Butter 100% het genetic stripe £475 each 1.0 Kingpin (Lesser, Pinstripe) £650...
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    2005 Proven breeder Goblin male £150 2011 Male Splatter on d/f 300+ grams £850 Available soon once shed and feeding. Can pm individual pics for genuine enquiries. 2012 Male Pastel splatters £1250 each All can be sent by courier at cost. No Time wasters. More info on my website male...
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    Cb/b male june 2011 yearling "splatter" royal/ball python, relativly a new base morph, yet to be proved to be dominant or co-dom! feeds on large mice, sheds in one piece every time, poos as it should!! Im asking the going price for him which is £750, but i would prefere a trade as cash always...
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    What do you all think about this new "splatter" morph? There is no super produced so far. Do people think there is anything in it or is it just another hopeful dinker project???? :2thumb::2thumb::2thumb:
1-10 of 10 Results