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spotted python

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    Cb20 spotted pythons 4 available Nice colour and patterns Feeding well on pinkies. £110 each deals on multiples. Courier can be arranged. PM for more info. Pics can be sent via WhatsApp
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    I have a 3 year old spotted python for rehoming. She was sold to me as female, but I've never had her probed. She is a beautiful animal (wild type) but not great to handle (she can be quite snappy and is viv defensive).Eats and sheds like a champ and fun to watch in her tank as she's quite...
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    CB16 Spotted Pythons for sale. They are all feeding well, shedding and pooing fine. They are perfect snakes for beginners. £35 Collection Swindon or courier at buyers expense
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    As title says desperately looking for a female spotted python. Willing to pay for courier
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    Male spotted python wanted. Late 15 or 16 established feeder. Cash waiting. Northwest area.
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    CB13 Spotted Python (Antaresia maculosa) for sale, unsexed (suspected female). Attached photo is of the individual for sale, taken a few months ago. Went through a fussy stage so is a bit small for age, but feeds very well now on med/large mice. Sheds well and is good to handle, very laid back...
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    For sale: 2 Spotted pythons. x1 CB10 male, 66% het granite cape York line, feeding well on chicks (fussy feeder to begin with so is small for his age) - £120 x1 CB10 female possible het granite, feeds incredibly well on pretty much anything!- £90 £170 for the pair. 1 Western...
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    I have some spotted Pythons born here in June 2015 nearly ready for sale. They will only be released when eating regularly and unassisted on defrosted prey, and are almost ready. Active and lovely snakes. For more information, progress reports and pictures please pm
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    I have for sale, 2 male CB08 Spotted pythons. Both doing all they should, very healthy boys! One is an incredibly fussy eater so will need a confident/patient owner. The second male eats like it's going out of fashion! £60 Each O.N.O, No swaps. May be possible to deliver within 20 miles.
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    I have a 3 year old female spotted python for sale. New work commitments means I do not have the time to handle her, so will need an experienced keeper. Excellent feeding response, and sheds and poops fine. Can courier at buyers expense. Collection from Yatton, Bristol ideally.
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    I already have an add in the classified but not everyone on this forum uses them, does anyone know of an adult female spotted Python for sale anywhere? I'd prefer it to be reasonably close to me in Wiltshire but I will travel. I've managed to get an adult male, I'll add pics I this thread...
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    I am currently researching these two species, as my possible "next snake species" I am relatively early on in the reading of these two, but I am fascinated by them, and they are so pretty! Does anyone here have/breed these species, or able to shed some light on their true personality? thank you
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    Some pics of the most imaginatively named Spotted Python in the world :P
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    Hi, I am looking for one or two female spotted pythons. Ideally 2010- 2012 snakes, although not essential. Will travel, and travell in person for the right snake/ snakes. Particularly interested to hear from Schroomy, as he had some, but has dropped off radar as it were...
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    I am very close to cracking the 'perfect' pictures of my Hognose, on my new camera! Pinocchio has been very patient with me, such a fantastic model to work with ;-) Calypso And Kara & Sheela Thanks for looking : victory:
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    I have forsale my proven pair off spotted pythons, they are about around 4ft and do everything they should, eat every week, shed in one peace and poos regularly. They are great to handle and have never shown any signs off aggression, £200 ono
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    I've been having a play with my new camera this week, instead of doing work :whip: Bad Roseanna! Still getting to grips with it and these are certainly not the best nor are they showing off it's full potential but thought I would share some of my recent practice shots with you all :-)...
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    Got home from work last night at around 11:30pm, Ozzy was wide awake and clearly ready for a small photo-shoot. He is very photogenic, so I took advantage of the moment to grab a couple of shots before I fell to sleep :lol2:. : victory:
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    I posted a few weeks back about maybe getting a spotted python... And i did Meet Spotty, named after the Super Ted dude He seemed very reclusive for the 1st week I had him, and his colours seemed a bit dull... He was going into shed (in the pics.) But since he has shed he never stops...
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    I forgot how much I love taking pictures of my snakes. Dundee - Male Spotted Python Sheela - Female Spotted Python Pinochio - Male Hognose Thanks for looking :2thumb: