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    i have 4 females, 2 males left, asst colours, they are 6wks old! all eating on solids, brought up in a family enviroment with mum and dad, only have one picture on at the moment as my camera has broke, these pups have such a good temperment! ready in 2wks to very good loving FOREVER homes only...
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    Home - The REAL Staffordshire Bull Terrier StaffyBullTerriers (therealstaffy) on Twitter [email protected] YouTube - StaffyBullTerrier's Channel Above are the following things I have created to promote staffies and their reputation which has been tarnished by the media. If anyone has any...
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    im soo unhappy to see that the majority of dogs needed rehomeing and being in rescues are staffies. they are such lush dogs. i wish i could have another one from a rescue but we just have too many animals and already 3 dogs. i got my staffie may from rspca in bath and im soooo chuffed we have...
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    hello there my name is rocky i'm a 3half months old staffy puppy, i love to play and run about i love kids and other animles. i have never bitting and never will. i am all white but from a lil red patch on my back nd the bottom of my tail. my lovely owner that cears about me so much has to pass...
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    i love staffies, how could people hurt them, post ur pics here for everyone to see how adorable they really are!!! :no1:
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    poor little staffordshire bull terrier's always left out on the streets and kennles over run by them .. dont realy know why people seem to miss treat this dog's they are the most loving dog a know they would die for you ... made me fell sick today when a looked in the papper and seen all thoughs...
1-6 of 6 Results