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star wars
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  1. Habitat Pictures
    So after my 1st attempt turned out ok I decided for my other Beardies tank I would try a theme, Star Wars it is lol. Being desert Tatooine is the obvious choice so I made a basking side with cave and opposite side where it can be a bit more themed. I prob should have taken some construction...
  2. Habitat
    Evening all After a large amount of money, man hours and patience, my Star Wars inspired EX48 vivarium is finally finished! Boba the bearded dragon (named after Boba Fett) certainly prefers it to the 36"x12" viv he was in previously as a baby. I've not uploaded all of the pics as I took about...
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    Original 1977 Cinema Programme (Pink pages version - which is supposedly even rarer). Exellent condition. Contains tons of stuff about the film, cast and best of all, lots of behind the scenes / production photos... A real gem of an item. £15.00 delivered.
1-3 of 7 Results