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  1. Shelled Classifieds
    Chelonians 0.0.1 Leopard Tortoise - £165 0.0.7 Horsefields - £100 0.0.2 Hermans - £120 0.0.3 Indian Star Tortoise - £429 0.0.2 Red Foot Tortoises - £135
  2. Shelled Classifieds
    TORTOISE'S Spur-Thighed £120 (ARTICLE 10) (MICRO CHIPPED) Hermann's £120 (ARTICLE 10) (MICRO CHIPPED) Horsefield's £75 Sulcata (CB13) £175 Indian Star's £395 (Approx 6 inches) CB14 Baby Indian Stars (exceptionally cute) £295 Red Foot's £120 TURTLE'S Alligator Snapping Babies £165 Common Snapping...
  3. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Hi all, Love looking at photos of everyone's tortoises, so thought it was time I share some of my own (now I've finally figured photobucket :bash:), hope you enjoy! 2year old Indian Star 4month old Radiated John
  4. Fish Keeping
    exactly what it says in the title, sounds stupid i know but i really don't know :Na_Na_Na_Na:
  5. Shelled Classifieds
    I have decided to sell my adult pair Indian Star torts (G.elegans) I will include a juvenile in the sale. All three are healthy, active, have good diet inc weeds and readigrass. All three live together. Female weighs 1.5Kg. Male 850 grams. Juvenile 85g. Looking for £1200 for all three. Will...
  6. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    :2thumb: Hey, so I'v had my male indian star tortoise for 3 years now and im looking for a female indian star. My male is very healthy an i'v had no problems and I have a happy home. I'v got enough room for a female aswell:D Im looking for one roughly around the same age (just over 3) or a...
  7. Shelled Classifieds
    Last 2 x CB Indian Star young, £200 the pair to clear a viv. No offers thanks please PM any interest
  8. Shelled Classifieds
    Hi guys I have a great selection of tortoises at unbeatable prices that will be ready for sale on the 26th of August. A PayPal deposit of £20 per tortoise secures you tortoise, payment will need to be made in full by the 26th of August I can do overnight courier service to any where in the uk...
  9. Shelled Classifieds
    Hi I have some baby Indian Stars for sale as pictured below, this is my 4th season offspring from 2 unrelated groups . Colour on left when viewed head on denotes mother , £225 ea or 2 for £400 located very close to main A14 trunk road through Suffolk You can contact me via pm or...
  10. Shelled Classifieds
    1 male and 1 female for sale both sub adult, extremely rare to see especially at this good size, not sexually mature yet but a god size and a real beautiful animal, pm me or email [email protected]
  11. Other Pets and Exotics
    I entered a competition a few months ago, Burgess star of the show and I entered Mischief. :) HE GOT INTO THE FINAL 12!! :shock: :love: :D If we win we'll get a photo shoot and he'll be a little star. :love: The prize also includes £500 and I can't explain how much that will help me and him...
  12. Shelled Classifieds
    Is anyone or does anyone know someone selling a Burmese star tortoise... Not for me for a friend who has just been let down buying one :-(
  13. Shelled Classifieds
    I am looking for a hermann tortoise, preferably two if possible and if the price is right, along with their set up. I am looking for young tortoises, if not babies, in order to prepare myself for being a responsible tortoise keeper before breeding several years down the line. Obviously, I will...
  14. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Yesterday I bought a baby indian star tortoise from my friend first Q : he/she makes some noises like whistling !! this sound is relatively loud ! a VET checked it 2-3 month ago and told us everything was alright (although I think my friend didn't tell him about this sound) is it possible...
  15. Shelled Classifieds
    Captive bred Geochelone platynota, documented with CITES export certificates. The Burmese star tortoise is a critically endangered species in its natural habitat in Myanmar and captive breeding programs are one way to ensure this species remains with us in the future. Our animals are bred in...
1-15 of 33 Results