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    This is waaaaaay off topic but i noticed a start chart sort of thing and was wondering how do i get them, i was an egg before but am now a hatchling, yay lol but yh can someone explain the hole system of the forum thanks and sorry if i posted this in the wrong section.
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    I have just seen my first ever shooting stars / metioers(spellin) at least 4 that we saw:mf_dribble: we first noticed how all the stars appear to be shakeing odd i know but go look 5 people carnt all be seeing things what a night maybe the metior shower came early cos if i remember rightly...
  3. Off Topic Chat
    we decorating our front room... itts not been painted for years and was just plain magnolia.... just painted a malt chocolate colour over the walls are 3 stars have appeared on the walls :/ how weird