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  1. Newbie Advice
    Hey guys, for the past 5 years i have kept a colony of central american cichlids in a 30lx12wx18h tank (inches not centimetres) unfortunately while I was away the heater packed up and I now have an empty tank, I dont really want to keep fish again as the tank isnt large enough to keep any of the...
  2. Lizards
    Hi there, i am after a leopard gecko. Could you please inform me of the types available (giants, hype, super hype? etc.). Why are some far more expensive than others? Is it just their colours? Also, how old do they have to be before I can buy them. I am keen to take care of a gecko from a...
  3. Snakes
    hi i just wanted to see what age a kid should be to start keeping snakes? thing is i gt a 3year old and she loves my snakes, she knows how to do everything, and for the first time i let her feed my late 09 boa(strike feeder), she did so well, my brother ont he other hand is a few years older...
  4. Lizards
    hey all. well i joined this site a year ago purely cos i was given a corn snake and wanted to sell it as i had no real interest in it or didnt kno much about exotic animals. the corn snake was sold to a friend and then i learned about beardies so i thought yea they seem a good idea so bought my...
  5. Snakes
    i need to delete my account and wana start a new one wiv a new name, but how do delete mine?
1-5 of 5 Results