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    Unusual leaf-mimic katydids, easy to keep and impressive 10 eggs for £10 incl. p+p These Orthoptera can be hard to spot at first as they beautifully mimic a fresh leaf, with intricate vein detail. The largest of the Tettigonidae at 65-85cm in body length, with long hind legs, they jump well and...
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    Captive bred by me Stilpnochlora couloniana 3rd instar nymphs, feeding well on bramble. (Pic shows 2nd instar, they are bigger now) 6 for £5.00 p&p is £3.40 first class recorded or £6.80 RMSD, (both options include a heat pack) though live arrival guranteed only with RMSD in winter months...
1-2 of 2 Results