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  1. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Hey guys , Really need some help. I have had my turtles for 6 months now. I do a regular 20% water change. However the last month ive had some major issues that I just cant seem to fix. My water seems to build a transparent white slime on the top of it , this slime is quite thick to the point...
  2. Snakes
    Poo! Seriously, it's the most evil smelling stuff ever created. I was hoping when I first bought them that it was down to their diet / conditions with the previous owner...nope! Both my male and female dropped one for me today and I nearly threw up. I thought Corn snake poo was bad but this is...
  3. Snakes
    This might be a silly question but are there some types of snake that are stinkier than others? I appreciate that the bigger the snake the bigger the poo and therefore the bigger the smell but is odour management simply a question of good husbandry? I've read a few posts about people...
  4. Snake Classifieds
    after a sexed pair of stinking godess rat snakes cash waiting pm please
1-4 of 4 Results