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sudan plated
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    Sudan Plated Lizard x2 Males Avaliable £59 Each
  2. Rehoming Classifieds
    Hi, I've got my two enormous plated lizards (very, very sadly) up for rehome. We bought these two guys from a pet shop where they were kept in with two others and an ancient wrinkled war-vet beardie (who we also took) and had lost the very tips of a couple of toes here and there but they were...
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    pm for info
  4. Lizard Classifieds
    I'm having to cut back on a few pets as we have a baby on the way and finding the time to look after 14 pets, a baby and working full time may become difficult! Anyway first to go are my pair of Sudan Plated Lizards (Gerrhosaurus Major)... One is female and the other is male, the female has...
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    I have a lovely Sudan plated lizard for re-home. Adult, believed to be male, age unknown. He's a great eater and sheds well. £35. Pick up only please.
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    Hi there, as the title says im looking for a male sudan plated if anybody has one please pm me. thanks
  7. Lizards
    :welcome:hello :D well for the past couple of days i have been thinking about getting a nice Sudan plated... but just recently i have been finding my self become more drawn to a cute lil bearded dragon (my sister recently purchased 1 and hes so cool lol)... basically i need help to decide...
1-7 of 7 Results