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super dwarf

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    Currently looking for unrelated sub adult or adult pairs of t+ nelsons, tangerine, apricot, Halloween milksnakes. Max £250 per pair Super Dwarf retics in motley goldenchild, open to negotiation for the right one. Can collect within 100 miles East Yorkshire or courier using CBM
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    UK CB 2016 Female 50% Super Dwarf Platinum Velvet Reticulated £1000 UK CB 2013 Female 88.5% Super Dwarf Sunfire Tiger Anery £1500 UK CB 2012 Proven Female 62.5% Super Dwarf Platinum Tiger het Anery £1200 May Trade Message me for more information
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    62.5% Albino White Phase super dwarf male. 5-6 feet long, weight 1100g +. Perfect condition and health. Very good to handle. Never missed a meal. Stunning looking snake. £170
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    Proven male 50% Sd Lemon glow Reticulated Python £250 Eggs hatching today
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    Proven female 75% Sd het purple albino Reticulated Python Proven many times and was left and did maternal incubation this year. This is a baby from 2012 breeding.
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    I have a stunning female reticulated python for sale. She is CB16 and at 6 ft, however, slender and healthy (Has not been powerfed) She has been tap trained since day 1 and has never one coiled, let alone bit. Was originally valued at £1000 last year, however, If gone quickly I will let her...
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    Wanted female albino super dwarf retic (white phase)
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    CB17 super dwarf retics available collection from Crewe also have table at Doncaster classic 100% het purple albino 66% het anery from £125 anery 100% het purple albino from £250 also have CB14 50% sd platinum poss het albino male for £200 cb16 female golden child poss het purple albino £300 a...
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    1. Female SD Purple Tiger cb14 approx 6ft - £450 2. Normal female 75% SD cb15 approx 6ft bred by T Simpkin - £200 3. Male SD Tiger cb15 approx 4.5ft - £180 4. Female SD lavender albino cb16 - £375 5. Male SD Purple Sunfire cb16 - £600 Purple tiger female and normal tiger male showing...
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    Hi Everyone, Has anyone got any super dwarf or dwarf reticulated pythons for sale fairly local to me? Looking for something that won't exceed 9ft in length. Please send me a private message with what morphs you have, the sex, location and price. Thank you Mary-Anne
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    2016 Super dwarf (kalatoa 88%) platinum het genetic stripe poss albino female 2016 Dwarf platinum genetic stripe poss het albino male Still nice and small at a year old, currently in 24 litre rubs with plenty of room. Hammering XL mice or similar sized rats. Mite free, shedding no problem...
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    For next Hamm on december 10th I still have those for sale. albino and normal 66% het snow super dwarf Python reticulatus albino's are 850 euro/pair albino male with normal female is 550 euro albino male is 400 euro normal female is 150 euro I don't sell single albino females I can send pictures...
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    i will be attending the Doncaster show on September 18 the table i have is upstairs available 1 female normal 3 male golden childs 2 female golden childs all are poss het purple albino my original post on here...
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    Hello everyone, I'm Zushn, I'm 29, and I live Reims, France. I apologize in advance for my bad English. I am fascinated by reptiles - and especially snakes - since I was 8. I like snakes in their natural state, and in its most classic form. For several years I studied the history of...
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    Can reticulated pythons have a wobble? Particularly super dwarfs? I cant find any info on this on google, alls i get is ball pythons and jaguar carpet pythons coming up
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    Hi all. I'm after a dwarf/super dwarf reticulated python, but a morph. I'm open to any morph, just something that will stay genuinely smaller than a mainland reticulated python. Private message me pictures of what you have, many thanks. Ross
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    Amazing looking female, young and eating like a champ. Is great to be held and is very hard to sell but must go due to financial issues. There are not many of these out there and if the snow gene proves out then this retic will be worth alot more as this is a reduced price. Pictures available...
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    Puppy dog tame sunfire retic, doing everything he should. Pictures are available on pm due to being too large to attach
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    Bred by Thomas Simpkin Male - £175 Female £250 Together £400 Both nice natured, feeding etc fine. Pic of female
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    need a quick sale due to circumstances changing and moving out , forced sale £1000 is a bargain paid £1700 ..have to go to new home very soon. opportunity for a world first with this pair produced by Dave Laux.