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super giant
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    I am going travelling in three weeks time so I'm looking to sell my super giant leopard gecko breeding colony. The breeders were bought from my friend a zoologist from Cambridge university. For sale I have 33 hatchlings 1 adult super giant female and 9 eggs still incubating for females. These...
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    I thought I would add some pictures of the breeders for this year. They are only put into this tub for the purpose of the pictures :) The wild type is ready to shed and the skinny female is kept alone until she puts on more weights even though shes 64 grams still...
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    Pics can be seen here cregnice's's Library | Photobucket Male tremper giant poss super giant roughly 12 months old, bought off here from welshmorphology so from a top breeder. I weighed him a few weeks ago and he was 110 grams bearing in mind has not ate much lately because of the time of year...
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    Following on from this popular thread ( I decided to share some of my (well, my own and several fellow enthusiasts) data on the relationship between genetic predisposition and environmental factors...
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    Good Evening all My cousin keeps leapard geckos and cresties, now through thorough research he has decided that he wants a super giant, does anybody know where he can get a juvenile or hatchling from and when? please advise at your earliest convenience. Regards Chris: victory:
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    hello all, i am after a female giant/super giant (any morph) any info greatly appreciated. thanks in advance, shane
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    Hello there, I have just made room for some more geckos...I'm after any morph of giant or super giant leopard. I am going to the Doncaster IHS show in November so it would be ideal if I could arrange to pick one up there. Any available lizards please get in touch. Thanks in anticipation...
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    I am situated on the Wirral and I have the following Leopard gecko hatchlings available: 6 x Super Snow Patternless het Rainwater Albino 2:4 £65 2 x Super Snow Patternless Rainwater Albinos 0:2 £135 3 x Giant/Super Giant Jungle Mack Snow Tremper Albino Eclipse (Mack Raptor) 66% het Diablo...
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    Giant or Super Giant Leos any morph......................
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    I'm looking for a Female Giant or SuperGiant Leopard Gecko to breed with my hefty SuperGiant Male. All morphs considered but the prettier the better. Albino or het-albino would be fantastic. Happy to collect from further south as well as local, as I travel a fair bit, so shandy drinkers feel...
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    I'll apologize in advance if there is already a thread about this somewhere. I've never kept a lizard before now but I've really come to like Leopard Geckos - they're stunning! - but more specifically the Giant and Super Giant forms. I've been on the look out for some for sale but haven't...
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    Hey, Im Looking for a Female Super Giant Leopard Gecko, to accompany my 1 year old male. Would be ideally situated in South Wales. Thanks
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    Hi all, Looking for a sub-adult/adult super giant. Hope you can help :)
1-13 of 13 Results