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super salmon
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    I have for sale the last two male salmon boas from my salmon to salmon pairing last year. These guys are feeding well and in very good health. Feeding once a week on medium mice. Both shedding fine. This litter had some really lovely boas in and some very nice probable super salmons! This...
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    I have 11 salmon/super salmon boas for sale. Most of them have had enough meals now to let them go (4 meals). Parents were both salmon boas. So obviously there is the potential for super salmons in these babies. Some of these babies have some amazing pinks and oranges coming through on them and...
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    My first boa litter of 2014. A male salmon bred to a female salmon. 13 babies in total, one still born and three slugs. 12 salmons/possible super salmons and one normal! Good odds there! :2thumb:
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    This guy is absolutely loaded in red colouration, amazing looking boa that is perfect in every way. He is 2013 not 2012
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    TH MOONGLOW X DH SUNGLOW LITTER (Kahl) Born 25th March 2013 Deposits being taken with balance due after 4Feeds Come with Certificate to confirm PH Courier or Collection Available Female Poss Super Sunglow Poss Het Anery (Poss Het Moonglow) £475 Female Poss Super Hypo Poss Het Albino and...
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    heres my jungle trying his luck with my pos super salmon,i hope it turns out well graeme
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    Here are some updated photos of my 2010 possible super salmon jungle female Kev
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    We have available a 2007 probable super salmon jungle 100% het albino 50% het anery/moonglow & what a JUNGLE. Even without the possible het proving this girl is one of the highest end boas in the UK! If she proves the possibilities are endless and im sure the results will be incredible! Just...
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    07 female poss super salmon boa from a dwarf line. Purcashed from hamm in 07. This girl is around 5 and a half feet eating jumbo rats every 2- 3 weeks never missed a feed. I highly doubt this girl is going to get bigger then 6 feet so will make a good addition to any dwarf project (a friend of...
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    Due to moving house in 3 weeks I have my male comman boa that is an absolute stunner with amazing patterns and pink under neck where the parents where salmons. He feeds an sheds perfectly everytime and is brilliant to hold. The asking price is £100 with an rub, or if you are interested, I also...
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    Gorgeous female boa bred by Rob M in Wales. Sadly having to scale back my collection due to work and family committments. Approx 5 foot. Brilliant feeder - just moved up to large rats. Lovely temperament. She is from a DH sunglow x DH sunglow litter, and is possible super salmon and 66%...
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    I pre ordered this girl over a couple of months ago ,and a friend of my collected her direct from the breeder at Hamm , as i didn't have time to go out there and collect it myself I thought i could do with some new blood for my jungle project and thought this possible super salmon jungle would...
1-12 of 12 Results