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super snow
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    few leopard geckos currently for sale, please pm for more details or pics! will do deals for multiples, courier welcome at buyers expense (normally around £45) we also have available a male black pastel royal 500g £80 15 Super Snow 66% tremper 50% eclipse (has white leg markings) hatched...
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    Owing to concentrating on my bold high tang Bell project I have made the sad decision to part with my Snow/Supersnow Leo's. They are beautiful geckos and a bargain at £120 the trio or £40 each. Well bred and doing everything they ought to. Not yet bred as they were next seasons project We have...
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    Female TUG Snow bought direct from TUG, she's 6 years old and 70 grams£40. Male super snow, around 4 years and 61 grams. £50 Both fed on mealies. Collection from Worcester.
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    Unfortunately we are at a point now where we need to seriously downsize our collection. Here are the lovelies for sale. First up is a Female Gargoyle gecko, beautiful brick red markings. She feeds well, she has a small nick off the bottom of her tail from previous owners but it doesnt affect...
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    Male tremper 'super raptor' for sale, 66g, proven breeder. Eats well on locusts, occasional roach and waxworms. Will eat off tweezers or loose, but won't eat mealworms out of a bowl. Selling due to my law degree taking up all my time. Looking for £150 or nearest offer, originally paid a lot...
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    Looking for a female super snow leopard gecko I have 8 other geckos so experienced owner. Must be local (Essex area)
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    I'm looking for a male mack snow or super snow leopard gecko also needs to be old enough to breed :whistling2: preferably I want the mack snow and I'm looking for it to be white with black spots not any pale yellows. I dont drive so I can either get the train to whereever, organise a courier or...
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    Female bell albino enigma super snow leopard gecko for swap. Proven breeder. Am after tremper albino variations, hit me with what you got, cheers
  9. Genetics
    So we have been breeding the same 2 supersnow pair for a few years now and have had plenty of healthy hatchlings. All have looked pretty much the same with the spots forming and often with a white stripe down the middle of the back.. Until now! This little beaut came out last week: Just...
  10. Genetics
    Hey, wanted to show off a pair of leopard geckos I picked up off of Garrick @ It is a pair of Super Snow rainwater blazing blizzards. Not sure how many of these are out there. Male Female Thanks for looking
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    Hello, just had a look at my stunning RSS, I was stunned how lovely the stripes are developing on my little Moon. But see it for your self :)
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    Bell Albino 66% het Radar Female 26g £50 Mack Snow Bell Albino 100% het Radar Male 28g £100 Super Snow Bell Albino 66% het Radar Female 19g £110 Bell Albino 66% het Radar Male 24g £60 Mack Snow Bell 66% het Radar Female 27g £100 Mack Snow Bell 100% Het Radar...
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    Hi, I am looking for a good home for my female Super Snow Leopard Gecko, she sheds and eats fine and is very friendly and inquisitive. I am asking £65 for her as I love her to bits but am open to sensible offers. Hope this helps everyone. Many Thanks Sara
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    im selling cb12 super snow 50% poss het typhoon. the father is a mack jungle 100% het rainwater eclipse and the mum is a super snow. was incubated for female but is looking male hard to know for deffinate at this time. he/she is 20g in great condition with an awesome tempremnt great for...
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    I have a number of 2012 Giant/Super Giant Super Snow het Raptor 66% het Diablo Blanco hatchlings available. All hatchlings are between 1 and 3 months old. They are eating and shedding well. Further pictures of any of the hatchlings below are available upon request. All were incubated for female...
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    One is a female super snow leopard gecko bought for £110 very recently One is just a normal female however she is very bright yellow (hi-yellow) with lots of spots 2Ft wooden handmade vivarium with glass sliding doors and window wedges 2 circular vents at the back with a notch to allow cables...
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    apart from sunglows, i love a nice supersnow :flrt: i will start with my first supersnow yet another stunner i had from mal back in 2009 :flrt: very well named snowy the male tremper supersnow the beautiful pearl, female tremper supersnow male supersnow raptor, they have the most...
  18. Lizards
    am i right in thinking a galaxy leopard gecko is the same as a super snow eclipse(total eclipse) :2thumb:
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    Hello there, I have 4 leopard gecko's for sale. Firstly a Super Snow Male £40, He weighs in at 58g at approximately 8 inch. (growing fast and getting fat!) Eats locusts, mealworms, morio worms, crickets and sheds well. Secondly I have a Mack Snow Female £35, weighs in at 72g at approximately...
1-20 of 57 Results