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    Hi Have some Cb18 Hognose for Trade Supercondas (Poss Het Albino+ToffeeBelly) Albino Condas (Poss Het ToffeeBelly) Condas (Poss Het Albino+Toffeebelly) All eating unscented Mice Looking for Tremper Female Leopard Geckos Clown combo or Het M+F Royals (No Normals) Will be attending Nov...
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    I am looking for an axanthic hognose, preferably a conda. Or a conda het axanthic. If anyone has something suitable please let me know. Considering an axanthic superconda project.
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    These two are top quality snakes: CB13 Male Pied Royal - stunning guy, as even white balance as you get, quite shy. £300 eating DF rats. CB2014 female superconda - stunning in every way including her attitude. £300. Eating DF mice. Would possibly be up for trades for snakes, worth trying...
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    Hi guys has anyone got a female superconda hoggie for sale. let me know what you have. thanks:2thumb:
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    2014 Male superconda 66% het hypo 40+ grams £350
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    2014 Superconda & Anaconda females 66% het hypo £500 for both - no trades Collection from Preston or can courier
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    2014 Female superconda 66% het hypo hognose £550
  8. Snake Pictures
    A few keepers from this seasons clutches
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    hi im after a breeder Superconda Hognose. i will pay cash 07946090499 i can travel to pick him up
  10. Snakes
    We are very excited to introduce the Pastel Pink Albino Superconda! Hatched yesterday over at Hippie Snakes, it's been a project in the works for many years now and we believe she is a world first! over the moon with her and we need some name suggestions for the mutation!
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    Cb12 female Extreme Red Albino Superconda 130 grammes CB12 male Albino Anaconda 20 grammes Female eats anything, male is currently taking sardine scented pinks and fuzzies. £4000 for the pair ono
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    Now available One female 100% het Albino Anaconda Hog, taking unscented pinks readily @ £950 or paired with an Extreme Red Albino male for £1200 The female Conda Extreme Red Albino male Plus Dhet Toffeebelly/Albino pair @ £700 male Extreme Red Albino Anaconda @ £2400 or good...
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    We am pleased to announce that 21st Century Reptiles are now the official Distributor for Extreme Hogs and will be handling regular shipments for UK and European sales I am showing at Doncaster in September and will be bringing some of the recently imported stock. Note payment plans are...
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    Hi, I have a price list for 2011 Hognose's. Animals are to be imported in September and are very high quality animals at very competitive prices. Animals hatching Mid-July/Early August Taking reservations for delivery (or pick up) in September. 20% deposit required by 12th August will secure...
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    Hi, We are proud to announce we are offering one of the world's first Purple Line Superconda's. This animal is one of a world first clutch and for this reason there is only one available. This is the only animal of it's kind in Europe and is a brilliant chance to acquire an incredible animal...
1-15 of 17 Results