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  1. Lizards
    I have superworms for my pet anole, then they turned into pupas and hatched! The Darkling beetles are all in my container, four in general. I needed to ask if it was safe to keep them in my lizard's cage. One of then hatched that i didn't know of that i didn't find until it was black. Does this...
  2. Feeder
    Had my Superworm beetles for about 8 months and their still going strong. Anyone else's living this long? only expected them to live a couple of months so im well chuffed :2thumb:
  3. Feeder
    The Life cycle and breeding of Zophobas Morio Superworms or Zophobas morio are the Larval stage of one of the many darkling beetles and grow to approx. 2" long they are naturally large and aren't treated with hormones to delay pupation making more time for growth unlike the giant...
1-3 of 3 Results