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    Male Suriname Red tail Boa for sale, handles and sheds well, I have had him for 5 years, beautiful snake selling only due to room constraints at home, also comes with a 4ft vivexotic viv and stand in walnut effect, heating lighting system installed in the viv is the Habistat digital dimming...
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    Available soon. CB 2018. Suriname and Peruvian. Please PM me if you are interested. Born in August so ready in a month or so. Some photos in my album. Collection preferred, delivery maybe possible and charged at cost 20ppm.
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    I've had this guy a few months as did plan on adding some BCC to the collection but I'm now selling everything off. He's in great health and eating great too. I got him from my local exotics store (Pro Exotics in Paisley) who say he originally came from a breeder in Hungary. Here's a few...
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    I'm after a female cb15 / cb16 argentine boa (BCO), or possibly a female cb15 / cb16 constrictor constrictor (BCC). WHY? Dave
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    I have for sale a Female Suriname Boa Constrictor, she is 2 years old and a bit over 3 foot long, she sheds with no problem, poos fine and feeds fine. She has a small scar on her back from one of her first sheds with the breeder hence the asking price. very good temperament, never bitten...
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    This is my BCC one year ago : And here she is now : Puppy dog tamed and very cool snake. But as i said in the past, i have never seen her tongue.
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    *Available for Doncaster* CB14 HYPO BOA'S ... £79.95 CB14 COMMON BOA'S.... £49.95 CB12 CUBAN BOA... £89.95 CB13 PERUVIAN BOA'S... £180 each £330 pair CB13 MOTLEY het ALBINOS.. £119.95 each CB13 HOG ISLAND X... £109.95 CB14 MEXICAN BOA... £79.95 CB14 COMMON het ALBINO... £54.95 WC TRUE...
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    True wc suriname redtail boas I am taking delivery of 25 Wc Suriname Red tails Today most will be babies and some sub-adults.. they are being imported direct from Suriname .. they are priced at £275 each or 2 for £500... Be quick these won't be around long as imports of these don't come round...
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    As per title, looking for some true red tail boas at Doncaster. Preferably well marked Suriname locales captive bred only. Thanks
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    Hi all, I am looking for a male red tailed boa either guyanan or Suriname. If you have one for sale or know of one for sale in a shop then please let me know. I am willing to travel up to about 50 miles for the right snake. Cheers
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    Anyone know of anyone flogging any bcc or bca ? I'm only interested in quality animals from good bloodlines . Cash waiting for the right animals . PM me .
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    Finally, after weeks and weeks of trying to track down a pure, genuine Suriname Redtail Boa Constrictor, travelling all over the country, and emailing hundreds of breeders/importers, I eventually tracked one down just a few miles from home, and what a corker she is! Thanks for looking...Phil
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    Just a few I brought over from Legacy Reptiles This male Guyana bcc was actually bred by Vin Russo Caulker Cay Male Suriname Female Suriname's Columbian Fine Line Female Blonde Bolivian Amarali Most of these and other locales I have for sale
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    Quite a wish list, I know. Looking for partners for my collection.More Specifically: Female guyana under 2 years of age Female suriname over 3 years Male GTP Female ETB Anyone looking to part with the above?
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    any proven or near mature surinames about?
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    I sadly have for sale my collection of animals. i have a stunning male suriname redtailed boa around 8ft as seen here. Also a female hypo boa around 4 years old, 6-7ft maybe more, lovely snake. rarely...
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    I've decided to sell my Suriname BCC. I have too many debts to clear so unfortunately I have to sell her. She was purchased as a female but I've never had her probed myself so as far as I know it's female. She is in excellent health. Never misses a feed always sheds and poo's fine. Very tame and...
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    one of our boys........
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    Hi all! Just after a bit of help. My Suriname boa has just shed. the problem is there are a few patches on his back where the pattern is a bit washed out and in one area the piment has gone and the scales are white????? the scales are still fine, theres no open wounds and he seems very happy...
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    This is a new advert with a lowered price from £200 to £150. We have for sale a 2011, male Suriname Boa constrictor constrictor. He is eating well on defrost rat pups, poos/sheds fine. Easy to handle. Collection from Chester, or we are happy to use a reptile specialist courier (buyers expense)...
1-20 of 50 Results