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surrey pet supplies
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  1. Snakes
    So I've just heard the news that surrey pets is no more, does anybody know of any other good reptile shops that are near by? i need to get some live food for a good price so pets at home isn't an option.
  2. Snakes
    There planning on closing there online store if you would like to try and stop them comment here
  3. Lizards
    If you have ever used there website comment here To stop them closing. If the link doesn't work the thread is in equipment and supplies
  4. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Just wondering if anyone has a voucher code before i go and give them over £100 :eek4:
  5. Lizards
    Just wondering if anyone has a voucher code before i go and give them over £100 :eek4:
  6. Lizards
    Well after my confusion yesterday and lastnite I thought I had ordered the wrong dimmer stat I messaged Surrey Pet Supplies customer service dept and left a message and after being an idiot and realising after checking my email when I fit home off nights that I had ordered the correct one they...
  7. Equipment & Supplies
    Can anyone get on surrey pet supplies?
  8. Equipment & Supplies
    Quite often I see threads about receiving poor service from surrey pet supplies, so i decided it was only fair to balance it a little. I posted an order yesterday for a cooling fan for my crestie (after walking into my room to see the thermometer reading 29*C :gasp: ) I received an email...
  9. General Herp Chat
    Hi all I ordered some stuff of Surrey per supplies last night and was expecting them to be dispatched for delivery on Friday but usually I receive an email with a tracking number so I can see when the stuff is going to be delivered. I have not received an email so just wondering do they always...
  10. Equipment & Supplies
    I placed an order with Surrey Pet Supplies towards the end of January. When it arrived, one of the items, whilst similar to what I ordered, was a cheaper version and not exactly what I wanted. I've now used the contact form on the web site twice, asking about this, and not had a reply at all...
  11. Snakes
    hi i've just been on surrey pet supplies but i can't find there frozen mice just wondered if they still sell them
  12. Classified Chat
    I've recently ordered a new Yemen set up through these guys, and through no fault of their own, the top of the viv was faulty. I have to say though, the service I have recieved from them has been fantastic. Really helpful guys who seem to give a damn about their customers (which is so rare in...
  13. Lizards
    i have seen this viv the exo-terra nano 20x20x30cm Exo Terra Nano Glass Terrarium 20x20x30cm - Surrey Pet Supplies and wondered what can live in it its whole life cheers:2thumb:: victory:
  14. General Herp Chat
    Just wondered what people on here think of and experience is of Surrey Pet Supplies as I have a very expensive order I would like to place. Any thoughts please? thanks
  15. Lizards
    Hello. Can you pay over the phone with Surrey pet supplies? As it keeps saying somethings invalid when I come to pay. Any help is appreciated. Cheers Ali.
  16. Hobby Issues & Information
    Did anyone else turn Up at Surrey pet supplies today for a expo just to be told that it was cancelled because of 'agro' and that it had been said and posted everywhere, Because i didnt get any f:censor:ing Notice An hours Drive there for nothing !!! I have never had any problems with them before...
  17. General Herp Chat
    Ordered from sps end of last week and was dispatched yesterday at 2:15, got my tracking number for city link delivery and was scheduled today but it has just changed the date to tomorrow. WTF its out of order changing the date tbh, i bet its just because the driver coudnt be arsed to deliver...
  18. Lizards
    Hi After readin about SPS on here, talked my O/H into taking me yesterday. I will explain, O/H is not into lizards, get's bored ect, although he's enjoyed helping me set up my crestie tank. He was like a kid in a toy shop, to say he liked the shop is an understaement, feel we may be popping...
1-18 of 26 Results