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    So myself and the other half have decided to put some of the collection up for sale to gain some money for new enclosures for some of the larger snakes. First off is my little Cali king she's a bit of a nut job as has grown on me over the year or two I've had her she will eat (or at least try...
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    Thought I'd do a new thread as the other one was a bit long. All enquiries by pm please. 1.1 Red Tailed Racers £250 the pair. Proven female is a LTC adult. I had her freshly WC in 2010. Strike feeds very well on large weaners/small rats, but will also take mice and chicks. This is not a...
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    I have 1 male left which has had 6 hassle free feeds (feeding straight away as soon as the food has been dropped in the tub, not even having to tease feed). Ready to go onto fluffs. He is relatively calm compared to previous ones we have hatched; no strikes or bites as yet, usual Tai speed tho...
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    I have 1 female & 2 males available which have had at least 5 feeds now (all feeding straight away as soon as the food has been dropped in the tub, not even having to tease feed). Ready to go onto fluffs. They are relatively calm compared to previous clutches we have hatched; no strikes or bites...
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    We have a number of Tai Beauty hatchlings which will be ready to go once they have had 3/4 hassle free feeds (just waiting for them to shed). If they are like previous clutches then getting them feeding won't be too hard. Will be £30 each, can be sexed. Collection only.
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    just wondering what size people generally breed there tai's at, my females at just over 6ft atm and my smaller males vry interested, to the point hes actually gone off food!!!! hes never missed a single feed since he emerged, n ive never had a tai do this so its quite odd. and both my females...
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    Special Christmas offer A pair of Tai Beauties for £75 the pair if sold before Christmas!! PM me for more details. Pics in my album or see my previous post. John
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    Re-advertising as the old listing is getting a bit long. A breeding Pair of unrelated Tai beauties both eating like mad and shedding and pooing fine. A bit skittish when handled but never bitten. About 4ft and growing fast, just over 1yr old. For sale or swap, snakes only please. Local...
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    Hi, I need to downsize slightly as I am moving to a smaller room for my reps (daughter needs the bigger bedroom!) My taiwanese Beauties are taking up a lot of room, so makes sense to move them on. They are an unrealated pair from CREAKS year before last and have grown on considerably. They...
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    Yearling female taiwanese beauty. Eats anything put in front of her. £45 collection only
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    Well, it's nearly finished and won't be long now till I'm ready to pick up my Tai Beauty and put him in his new home :D Anyway, here's the viv i've been building for him. Viv Build Pics Here (You might have seen it already if you've been in the Habitat section of the forums)
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    Eats every time, currently on large pinks or small fluffs. Shedding and defecating well. Collection only.
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    Just testing the water really.. Pm me if your interested.. 09 Taiwanese Beauty- not viv defensive and never bitten, just very fast! once out it calms right down.. Eats like a wolf, Sheds whole and clear. 10 Male Royal Python- £30 Stunning, Eating rat pups, shedding fine. I don't know...
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    We have a few hatchling Taiwanese Beautys for sale. Eating, shedding and defecting well. £30 each Can be sexed if required.
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    For sale due to being over run with beautiful Taiwanese adults! Proven CB05 male around 7' in length. Has sired three clutches over the last three years for me. Stunning colouration, not faded like a lot of the older examples about. Eats like a pig on whatever you want to feed him. Doesn't...
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    Selling due to moving house. Sold to me as female, just under 3 years old. Approx 5.5 feet long, sheds and poops fine, she's a little viv defensive but she is happy to be taken out by hand. Pics in my albums. £70 ono Thanks, Faye
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    Selling my Taiwanese beauty snake as I need the space. She was sold to me in Feb as female. Approx 5.5 feet long, no problems shedding. Typical tai really, fine to handle but gets a bit viv defensive. £100 ovno. pm me if interested. I'm based near Windsor/Slough.
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    Hey, Im thinking about getting a Taiwanese Beauty Snake, and obviously i want to make sure everything is perfect before i get one:). Me and the OH has a heated walk in wardrobe which has 2 large alcoves.. one which houses a viv for our Jungle Jag and the other has our Inverts, this is heated to...
1-18 of 18 Results