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    4 males 3 females left -born july 2016 -£30 each or offer. eating like demons and shedding every 2 weeks. collection from Leicester. when you click on my name it takes you to someone else's profile. (i messaged reptile forums about it but they ignored me) so please leave a message on here or...
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    9 beauty snakes for sale -all feeding well on pinkies! -unsexed atm but will be sexed soon and can sex on request. parents can be seen, and care advice given! not often you find hatchlings for sale - Priced at £60 but more than happy to take offers based in Leicester, collection only or...
  3. Snake Pictures
    I went shopping and came back with : Jasmine [/URL] :2thumb:
  4. Snake Classifieds
    As the title says, I will soon have T+ Albino bloods for sale 200 for males 250 for females 400 for pairs Just trying to gauge interest on these. I also have two unsexed Taiwanese beauty babies up for sale, 50 each. I accept registered couriers, Thanks Josh
  5. Snake Pictures
    My Tai beauty snakes -around 3-4 years old, both females, Co-habited since hatchings (well where kept apart for six months or so when I first got them at like a year old, but where sold together, and apparently lived together since hatchlings (but not sisters apparently, though the odds are they...
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    After a lengthy search I've resorted to posting a wanted ad for a Tai Beauty with which I can start a breeding project with next year. Tameness is a very desirable trait here in addition to being situated in the south of England so that I can pick it up (though I'm not against courier if that...
  7. Kempton Park Shows
    I'd be pretty thankful of anyone who is taking an older (5-6ft) female Tai Beauty to Kempton since they are proving difficult to locate and I plan to breed in future. If anyone is planning on taking one to Kempton then I would greatly appreciate a PM and I'm happy to put down a deposit. ...
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    Female is CB05 and Male is CB06. Been kept separate this year. Female is quite feisty so experienced keepers only - £300 the pair (will not split, absolutely no offers) PM for further details. Pictures available on request. Collection from Telford or can meet within the Telford area. No...
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    Looking for a home for my taiwanese beauty, Legs. Male. He's around 7 feet long. Age, he's approximately 6/7. Moving away forces reluctant rehome. He eats well, never refusing. He poos well and sheds well. He can sometimes get a little viv defensive but is fine once out and about. He currently...
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    Proven Pair of Taiwanese Beauty Ratsnakes Female is CB05 and Male is CB06. Been kept separate this year. Female is quite feisty so experienced keepers only - £300 the pair (will not split, absolutely no offers) CB07 Proven Pair of False Water Cobras Have bred for us this year. Both calm snakes...
  11. Snake Classifieds
    After a baby Taiwanese beauty snake. Not sure if anyone on here breeds these. Please pm with details. Pref a CB13 when they're about. Cheers.
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    Reluctantly selling my male Thai Beauty Snake as available viv space has become too tight. He is around 3ft long, always hungry and eats perfectly. Not snappy or defensive. PM for details.
  13. Snakes
    I have a male taiwanese rat snake that I've owned for about 4 months, he's 4 yrs old and has only eaten with me 3 times which was when i first had him, I've tried leaving it in with him over night, heating it, braining it, but he's just not interested..He was housed with a female so ive Now put...
  14. Snake Classifieds
    taiwanese beauty snake shes gorgeous fast and abit edgy nearly pushing 6ft so impressive to watch around 3 years old sheds and poos well never any problems with her unknown sex
  15. Snake Classifieds
    0.0.1 CB11 Taiwanese Beauty Snake Sadly up for sale is my beautiful Beauty Snake called Beau. S/he is UNSEXED, and around 4ft long. S/he feeds perfectly on large mice at present once a week, has never missed a feed, and today weighs 220g empty. S/he is a beautiful example of her species, with...
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    We have a number of Tai Beauty hatchlings which will be ready to go once they have had 3/4 hassle free feeds (just waiting for them to shed). If they are like previous clutches then getting them feeding won't be too hard. Will be £30 each, can be sexed. Collection only.
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    Hello, Up for sale is my unsexed Taiwanese Beauty. S/he was purchased from a reptile shop last year, s/he feeds, defecates and sheds perfectly. I've never got this snake sexed as my intention was never to breed, approximately 2.5ft. This snake is flighty, and has bitten in her vivarium. But...
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    I am selling my male Taiwanese beauty snake, he is almost 9ft long, very friendly, eats and sheds well (records back to june/09). Buyer to collect.
  19. Snakes
    Ever since I got my beauty snakes in January I have found whenever I get one of them out (Agate) she tends to be quite juddery or spasmy along her whole body, her movements are a little jerky, and not smooth like other snakes been out for five-ten minutes and calms down her movements are a lot...
  20. Snake Pictures
    Took some better photo's of my two new female Taiwanese beauties. really need names for these gals -I would like it so both names start with the same letter or something like that?! The smaller dark/greany one: The bigger brighter one:
1-20 of 29 Results