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    I posted a while back asking the morph of one of my Leo's and we came to the conclusion she is a Talbino patternless reverse stripe. Although I was shown an example of what she would look like as she got older. The pic I was shown showed the reverse stripe dissapearing with age. As you can see...
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    For sale due to downsizing. She is about a year and half old and in good health.
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    Well grown on, 14 available from this season.Hypo carrot tails, hypos, normals het albino and 1 albino available. All temp sexed male
  4. Lizard Classifieds
    These are some of the last of this years babies left for sale. theyare all feeding well on gutloaded mealworms, locusts and the occasional waxworm. deals are available on muliple purchases and i can deliver locally for a small fee to cover petrol. T.U.G. snow 1 - 33g - £45 T.U.G. snow 2 -...
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    Hi, we've got three babies ready at the moment, all eating and shedding well, incubated to be female. The first hatched on 26th may, the second on the 30th may, and the third on the 2nd june, £20 each. Please PM if interested, thanks x
  6. Lizards
    hey i was wondering how too tell the differance between regular T albinos Mack T albinos and Supersnow T albinos. because im going to start breeding my macksnow T albino with my macksnow (pos het for patternless and t albino) at some point in the future. so i was wondering how to tell the...
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    Morph; Mack Snow 50% het Tremper Albino Hatched; 09/06/2010 Weight; 12g Temp Sex; 81*f (Female) Ready for collection; 31/7/2010 Comments; Great temperament, loves handling. Price; £50 Morph; Mack Snow Tremper Albino Hatched; 15/06/2010 Weight; 7g Temp Sex; 81*f (Female) Ready for...
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    From the pairing of; Mack Snow Tremper Albino x Mack Snow het Tremper Albino we have our first hatchling of the year up for sale, reluctant sale but with many we are planning to hold back we have to cut it down realistically. Morph; Mack Snow Tremper Albino Hatched; 10/04/2010 Weight; 10g Temp...
1-9 of 9 Results