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    A comparatively rare opportunity to purchase one of these gorgeous boas, bred in Holland from Vin Russo stock. Although he has been slow grown, he is still quite chunky for a dwarf boa. He has a good temperament, and is easy to care for. Collection from East London, or via courier at buyer's...
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    I have to clear a little space for some new arrivals, so reluctantly have decided to part with one of my Tarahumara Mountain Boas. He is a 2013 male, imported last year as a group of 4 from Legacy Reptiles. Eating, shedding and defecating as he should be. These are a great little species of...
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    pretty much as the title says, i don't really venture into the snake section too much but tarahumara dwarfs are my favourite of the dwarf boas and was just wondering how easy it is to come by them and how hard their care is, for a newbie snake owner that is? thanks in advance :no1:
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    Thanks Santa!
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    So, would it be true to say that whilst not all Sonoran boa are Tarahumara, all Tarahumara boa are in fact Sonoran, due to the fact that they are a locale within a locale? So if you bred a Tarahumara with a Sonoran, the resulting offspring could still be classed as Sonoran boa? Or, does the...
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    2010 Male Tarahumara cross plus 3ft viv with ahs heater . £180 no offers
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    Crap pic and pic taken in a 9ltr rub he is 2010 and looking for a geniune lady.:lol2: In his light phase.
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    Something financially unexpected has happened so need to try to come up with cash so sadly these and possibly more are up for sale. 2010 Male Tarahumara moutain boa £250 2011 Pair Longicauda (long tailed boa) £500 All eat , poo etc. May have to consider other stuff in my signature you can...
1-9 of 9 Results