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    hey :) this is probably going to sound cheeky but i was wondering if anyone has a cheap chilean rose tarantula they would sell me? i have arachniphobia but ive always loved watching spiders and think theyre so interesting and id love a pet to get over my fear! ive done my homework obviously and...
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    Looking to buy our 1st Tarantula, so we are looking for a Curly-Hair or Chilli Rose.
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    Hi i have wanted these for a while but i always seem to miss them, would prefer females, and would like the brazilian black to be grown on dont want slings, thank you:2thumb:. X
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    I am looking for a docile species of tarantula.already own a chile rose,dont mind another or curly hair or like i say any others that are handleable. Not slings please. do let me know what you have and cost etc. can collect depending on your locaion, many thanks.:whistling2:
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    hello i have a male and i am looking for a female T if anyone has 1 to sell? pls pm me with details if you do. cheers.
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    wanted s/a or af euathlus sp flame tarantula. delivery prefered, but can collect if fairly local. please state gender, age, price etc: thanks
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    wanted tarantula willing to pay upto £20 anything considered.must be local area.text me on 07933179850 as i dont get on line that much.thanks :2thumb:
1-7 of 7 Results