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  1. Snake Pictures
    Some updated pics of Tarot my 2010 female Crawl Cay from Gaz :)
  2. Snake Pictures
    Such a lovely sunny day today that I thought I'd get some new pics of Tarot and Ogham sunning themselves in the garden :2thumb: Firstly Ogham a 2010 male And his future missus Tarot also a 2010 Thanks for looking, lots more in my albums :2thumb:
  3. Snake Pictures
    I decided to use my beloved Tarot for my Project52 photos this week and thought I'd put some of the shots I didn't use here. She's a luverly snake, a 2010 Crawl Cay from Gaz. Thanks for looking :2thumb:
  4. Snake Pictures
    This is my female Crawl Cay 'Tarot' she's quite the character!!! Thanks for looking :2thumb:
  5. Snake Pictures
    This is Tarot a 2010 female Crawl Cay that I picked up from Gaz of Gazboas at the Portsmouth show last year. Hope you like her, thanks for looking.
1-5 of 6 Results