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tegu argentine
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    ok today i went to get a tegu at best in pets in elyria the one i got is 1 year old he was very healthy and active but when i got it home i set the tank up and stuff put my tegu in for her first time she moved around for hours then i fed my tegu a pinky after that she was laying in the light but...
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    With much regret I am selling my Male Argentine Black & White Tegu He is just over 4ft Long and approx 4- 4.5 years He will come with his full setup which is made from laminated furniture board and is 6" long by 2" deep by 2" high, it has 4 glass sliding doors for great access to cleaning and...
  3. Lizards
    After ALOT of research... I can't make my mind up on which of the following to have in my life.... Iguana B&W tegu Or a moniter? Space isn't an issue, money isn't an issue... The lizard scared hubby IS the issue! I know that each will need work to make tame, but I've heard a mixture of good...
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    Breading pair of Argentinian Tegus. Female is possibly gravid as male locked for a number of hours in late November. These are a proven pair which can be verified, photos can be seen at
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    I have for sale my three year old Blue Tegu Matrix. She is around 3ft long. Sheds and poohs fine will eat about anything loves rats, roaches, meal worms, crickets, Locusts, boiled eggs and fruit. I am not going to lie she is very viv defensive and skittish this is my fault as I do not spend...
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    black and whte tegu for sale, hes 4 years old selling due to moving house. come complete with 4ftx4ftx2ft tank inc lights,heat mat, lrg cork hide and water dish £300 for more enquirys text gemma on 07527722543...
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    Black and white tegu babies only 15 available at this price
  8. Lizards
    hi got my tegu hatching over the weekend i currently have him on a mix of Komodo Tropical Terrain Compact Brick as the base Exo Terra Forest Moss on one half and Exo Terra coco husk on the other half im putting an order in for a few things uv tube new uv starter and going get some bedding...
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    have a dog tame male argie for sale £350 loves his food and cuddles email me if you are interested
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    male 2 year old argentine black and white (hi white )tegu nearly 3 foot in length perfect health loves to wander round and have attention. very food savvy so does tend to charge during feeding time, looking for a good home would want to see set up before as we dont want him going just anywhere...
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    Still Looking for tame black and white tegu male if poss needs to be tame as this for my daughter
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    hi i have a pair (probed by the reptile hotel) of unrelated royals that i want to swap for a young tegu or young monitor (not a bosc) pm if interested, il upload some pics at a later date thanks :whistling2:
1-18 of 34 Results