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temp stat
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    2 x black bulb guard with flip down top to change bulb - £15 1 x white bulb guard - £12 Cork bark and wood - £5 each. 142mm x 274mm heat mat -230volts 7.25watts - £6 4 x viv locks - £8 for the 4 or £10 posted Habistat temperature stat - £22 4 x ceramic bulb holders - £3.50 each Collection only.
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    surplus to requirements a quality stat nice long temp probe on it happy to post at buyers expense or welcome to pick up:2thumb: postage included in the price.
  3. Lizards
    H-E-L-P:gasp: does anyone use a lucky reptile thermo-hygrometer deluxe pro ???? tryin to sus out if the temps are ok in a beardie set up ,, i have the temp sensor on the slate. and the combo one hangin in the middle of viv , temps read : out 40.7c in 32.7c 31% dry, habistat dimmer on 30c. i...
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    hi i have for sale Brand new Habistat Temp stat for sale £35.00 new in box zoo med repti heat cable £15.00 new in box Repti glo 26w 5% compact uv £10.00 new in box exo terra hygrometer £7.00 unopened Repti calcium zoo med £3.00 unopened vetark tamodine £3.50 unopened zolcal-d £3.00 new in box...
  5. Snakes
    Just thought, I would share will people, looking at digital thermometers for my reptiles. Usefull for incubators... Digital Thermometer Temperature Sensor LCD Display on eBay (end time 14-May-10 09:47:19 BST)
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    Hi All, Special offer Until 20th February, we are offering massive discounts on all Habistst thermostats. :2thumb::2thumb: All Stats are brand new and boxed, please click the thermostat image to purchase. Or click any of the links. Habistat Mat Stat £20.00 Habistat Temp Stat £25.00...
1-6 of 6 Results