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  1. Equipment Classifieds
    Two 30x30x45 (tall) - £30 each or £55 for both One 45x45x60 (tall) - £40 All in good condition, some polystyrene backgrounds available, definitely one for the large tank, will have to check for the small tanks. Some of the usual rust spots on the mesh lids but all are in good condition. I...
  2. Snake Classifieds
    i have a year old KSB for sale with a 2ft monkfield vivarium, Substrate, Heat Mat, Microclimate Thermostat and water dish, all for just £65. Buyer pick up, can deliver if no further than 10 miles for an extra £10. Pics can be sent via email, message me for further information :)
  3. Equipment Classifieds
    Know anyone with a reptile shop? We will fit it out for them! Fancy a cool looking Viv for your own home? We will build and deliver it to you! Bespoke, Quality, Plastic Vivariums. Made to your specifications! Just go to our website below or find us on Facebook!
  4. Equipment Classifieds
    The Terranium is in a used condition. It has a slight amount of warping along the front and one of the side clips is broken (can send pictures). The lid on the side of the broken clip is slightly bent. Otherwise it is perfectly usable. The slot where the heat mat goes has never been used and it...
  5. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Hey! New to the website so hoping you could help out. I have a Herman tortoise (Terry) and over the past week or so, he has had his eyes closed at all times. After a browse on the internet (other sites), I read that it could be a number of things. To treat it, I read that I should bathe him...
  6. Equipment Classifieds
    Clear Seal Glass Corner Vivarium/Terranium (medium size) Lid comes with a light fitting - 2 new bulbs available. Side of glass is cracked due to transit from previous owner, but have since repaired with silicone. Lid also has holes drilled in the top for ventilation. Bought it a month ago and...
  7. Newbie Advice
    Recently I purchased an Exo terra Rainforest heat mat, this was a huge mistake on my par as it was only compatible with glass Terrariums and they gave me a European plug which isn't good too. Worst of all I have seen some pretty bad stories on this forum of Exo terra's heat mats and without a...
  8. Equipment Classifieds
    Good condition exo terra vivarium. 18" x 18" and 18.5" tall. Perfect working order. Two minor rust marks on the mesh screen lid. Background included. Front locking doors. Removable lid. Wire holders at back for heat mats etc. Fantastic Vic for snakes, lizards, frogs, spiders etc. Looking for...
  9. Equipment & Supplies
    Has anybody ever used the ZooMed Natuarlistic Crested Gecko Kit? The pet shop recommended it to me, and I just wanted to make sure it'd be suitable before spending $110 (£65.00 according to Google, :lol2:) on it. It's 12” x 12” x 18” (30 x 30 x 46 cm), and here's what the website says it comes...
  10. Equipment Classifieds
    Selling a few items to raise money for our rescue. Buyer to collect from Bristol BS7. For Sale New Black Terranium/ Snake box- by Monkfield Nutrition Measuring approx. 42.5 x 29 x 15cm Features: A clear panel in the front and in the lid. Two air vents along the back. A...
  11. Equipment Classifieds
    Selling a few items to raise money for our rescue. Buyer to collect from Bristol BS7. For Sale New Beech-look Terranium/ Snake box- by Monkfield Nutrition Measuring approx. 45.5 x 29 x 15cm Features: A clear panel in the front and in the lid An air vent on either side, space for...
  12. Equipment Classifieds
    2 no. Corn Snake Terrariums, extremely high quality with Adult Corn Snakes For Sale 2 no. Corn Snake Terrariums with Adult Corn Snakes Slightly under 4’x2’x2’ each Will measure and add correct measurements later These 2 Terrariums were built by myself in my own joinery work shop with no...
  13. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi i have 2 brand new monkfield terraniums brought from pets at home not so long ago, but i decided to use different vivs, they are ideal for housing hatchlings and the smaller snakes. Im sellinga s a pair at £60 thats basically buy one get one free as they are still being sold at £59! i am...
  14. Planted Vivariums
    Hi all quick question I'm looking for your advice on. does anyone know what plants would be suitable for corns snakes, royal pythons and irian jayas?? i am a big fan of natural viva and want to move away from the fake plant to the real
  15. Snakes
    Hey guys, We've just got our first snake, a royal python called Edgar :) He's in a start up plastic home at the mo which we were advised to keep him in for another 5 months until he's an adult but I can't find any definite info on what his forever home should be! He's currently on a heat mat...
  16. Equipment Classifieds
    Includes canopy heat matt ceramic bulb silk plants hide rock bowl rock background log. All in great condition.
  17. Equipment & Supplies
    Large terranium, with background and some decoration. With lamp. Handmade with 2 pc fans built in. Really lovely, came with my brothers geckos but it was too big for the space he had. £80 0no Can send pictures one he photographs it. Also small 2ft viv available £15. Montana rodent cage £100
  18. Snake Classifieds
    Frank the corn snake for sale, Due to moving I am unable to take him with me. He is great lively snake who loves to be handled and is very fast and active, He loves to climb in plants hence the picture. He is currently eating Fluffs on a regular basis. What you get - Terranium New bedding...
  19. Snakes
    Does anyone use these for royals and if so are they any good. Would it not technically be just a wooden rub. Thanks Terranium Extra-Large - 36 inch - Vivariums - Housing - Blue Lizard Reptiles - Reptile Shop
  20. Equipment Classifieds
    this is for every thing pictures £100 or clostest offer! it is like new and all cleaned with f10
1-20 of 40 Results