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    testing post
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    Test - previous add never came up
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    This is a test, just seeing if I can upload a pic.!4574&authkey=!ABjbsca8gH1I2BU&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg
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    Plz delete
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    Hi. My one year old Rankin Dragon doesn't seem to be eating. He hasn't eaten anything for at least 3 or 4 days now and I'm starting to worry a little. Should I do a fecal test? If so, what's the right one to do? Is it a test for parasites? I've been on the PALS website and it's all a bit mind...
  8. Lizards
    Ok, so both cresties still have worm eggs in their poop, despite 6 doses of Panacur. :bash: Surely this would have nuked the [email protected]@@@@s by now? The vet now wants to treat them with Ivermectin. Now, he knows I'm not happy using this as I believe it is what killed my first chameleon (she was...
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    ok, i am veiwing a house on thursday, if all goes well and we get it i will have much more room for animals. and so i will be looking out for any of the following: guinea pigs skinny pigs netherland dawf rabbits mini lop rabbits giant rabbits belgian hares pheasents (any species) parrots...
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    Hi All, After much debating, my girlfriend has decided to sell her brain as it is not used at all.:2thumb: It is 31 years old & in pristine condition, never seen the light of day! Being female she didn't use it & kept it 'all inside' only ever considering using her brain, but never got round to...
  12. Snakes
    Hello, I was thinking of get some CF imports hatchling. However, how much will it cost for me to worm them, remove mites and parasties etc and do a fecal test. Any help would be great.
1-12 of 20 Results