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    Variable Kingsnake Trio,all doing as they should. CB12 Orange Milksnake phase Female CB13 Milksnake phase Female CB13 Leopard phase male £100 the three. For the quickest response Email:[email protected] or text 07906113421 CB12 female CB13 female CB13 Male
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    CB13 Variable Kingsnakes for sale,all doing as they should and feeding well on defrost mice. £45 Each South Wales Text or phone:07906113421 CB13 Male CB13 Male CB13 Male CB Male
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    I'm looking for hatchlings or young adults. Cash waiting, I can drive to pick up. I'm based in Wiltshire. Many Thanks
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    Selling here ( unfortunately ) is my Young Thayers king snake "waffles" he/she ( unsexed yet ) is a lovely healthy snake - sheds well , eats well etc, absolutely no health problems whatsoever. I would estimate he is currently around 1 - 1.5ft long - fantastic temperament "Waffles" tank is a...
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    I have 11 baby Thayer's variable kingsnakes (Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri) that will be available for sale for the November Doncaster meeting (Sunday Nov. 3). I have both males and females, variety of colours and patterns. Hatched 10 Sept, feeding on defrost pinkies. 60 each. #2 Male #3...
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    Anyone got any idea on the minimum breeding weight of a female Thayers? Thanks :2thumb:
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    I have two females now so am willing to let one go. It is a beautiful snake and eats excellently. It is fantastic to handle and very calm. It is around 20 inches in length. Looking for £60 or may consider a swap for a male thayer's. Collection from Darlington or will courier.
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    I have three Thayer's kingsnakes (Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri) for sale: Adult male milksnake phase - £80 CB12 male pastel leonis phase - £65 CB12 female milksnake phase - £75 Adult male is unrelated from the other two. Also have two CB12 radiated rastnakes (Coelognathus (Elaphe) radiata)...
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    As per title - I'm in the north west this week so if anyone has one for sale please get in touch. Thanks!
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    As per title if anyone has one around County Durham area for sale please get in touch. Thanks
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    Due to change in job circumstances I have for sale my 2010 Adult female Buckskin Phase Thayers King Snake . She is an excellent feeder feeding on medium mice, sheds and poo's fine too. She is about 24-30 inch in length. Stunning snake! Very nice grey and red banding, looks very similar to a...
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    Due to change in job circumstances I have for sale my 2011 female Milksnake Phase Thayers King Snake . She is an excellent feeder feeding on small/medium mice, sheds and poo's fine too. She is about 18 inch in length. Stunning snake! Any questions just ask. £50 ono
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    a corn and a king... Topaz...moonstone corn... Worcester...thayers king...
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    Unfortunately circumstances are forcing me to cut back my collection a bit, so I am selling some of my snakes: CB12 Thayer's variable kingsnake male (Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri) , buckskin phase, gorgeous little snake and hard to find (in blue in pic) - £110 Pair of CB12 radiated...
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    Young female Thayers for sale - around 18 inches. Cracking feeder and great to handle. Collection from Darlington area.
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    Wanted: Thayers Variable Kingsnake (Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri) or Greer's Kingsnake (Lampropeltis mexicana greeri). Adult female preferred. Cash waiting. All sensible offers considered. Will also consider some of the rarer/more interesting ratsnakes. Please PM. Thanks
  17. Snake Pictures
    Cute little Thayers Tempermental little garter Nibbly king Cleo! The love of my life (in shed so not at his best) end of a yawn Nosy Collard Lush Day Gecko Got really annoyed after the carpet python yawning shot, as just after i "just" missed his full yawn, i found the right...
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    have 1 baby that was bought back to me as a non feeder, it was being kept in a 3 foot viv at 22 degrees so not suprised it wasnt feeding, feeds weekly now & has for last 4 weeks so ready for sale again
  19. Snake Pictures
    He didnt want to kill me today but did smear poo all up my arm :lol!: Worcester... and as he was up and bugging to come out... Spartacus...
  20. Snake Pictures
    Ozzy... ello folks! spaghetti impression... slurp! Worcester... he was in a bad mood today hence every pic hes in "I kill you" mode I kill you! I kill you!!!!!!! I KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KIIIIILLLL YOOOOOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1-20 of 23 Results