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    Theloderma laeve breeding group 3.2 £300 Theloderma laeve tadpoles £20 Bombina variagata 2.1 £70 Bufo viridis young £15 Albino Pac-Man frog 1.0 £75 Megophrys nasuta tadpoles £40 For Doncaster based in Essex
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    Theloderma lichin 2.2 sex ratio mossy frog species, rarely seen in the uk, First time I have offered these in the uk. CB by myself and are all 8 month old adults Great opportunity for someone with an interest in rarer species. £120 per pair £200 all 4
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    CB15 Mossy Frogs | Theloderma corticale |x3 Available| £80 Each
  4. Amphibians
    Hi, I hope everyone is well. I've a rough idea I suppose and have been hassling another member via PM (I'm sure he will reveal himself in due time!) and have been given some great advice. I just wanted to run through a few things with everyone. I think I might have most of the equipment I...
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    I have a limited number of young Vietnamese Mossy Frogs available (the large green species, not the smaller pied / black 'bird poo' asperum) £40 each 3 for £100 Group of 10 unrelated (large morphing tadpoles and juveniles, enough to start a breeding colony) £250 PM email address for photos
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    I have a single male Theloderma stellatum for sale, price £25. I bought this frog six months ago purely to photograph it and it is now surplus to requirements. Smaller than other mossy frogs, and not very colourful, but interesting and very easy to care for. It calls nearly every night so is...
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    I have a few Vietnamese Mossy Frog tadpoles available for Kempton as I must clear out the rearing tank during the refit of our facility. I'm not sure exactly how many there are but at least 5 large nearing metamorphosis, so these are available as a group of 5 for £125. Sorry, no splits, 1&2's...
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    Borneo tree frogs (Polypedates leucomystax) £9.99 each or £17.50 for two Pied Warty Frogs (Theloderma asperum) £39.99 each or group of 3.2 £175 collection only. Kingstanding Birmingham. For pictures search Tropic Canyon @ Rattlesnake Canyon on facebook.
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    For sale: Tylototriton kweichowensis – Adult pair - £150 Tylototriton asperrimus – 2 x Adult pairs - £150 each pair Bufo marinus – CB young from Surinam Giants, these are growing nicely now, past the delicate stage, great appetite, first ever European Breeding! - £10 each Mossy frogs -Theloderma...
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    Captive-bred mossy frogs, Theloderma corticale, for Doncaster. Bright green young, feeding and growing well. A detailed care sheet will be available for purchasers. These cannot be sexed at this age. Price: £140 per five if ordered in advance. A non-returnable £25 deposit will be required...
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    I have a new batch of young mossy frogs starting to come through and I am taking orders now. There should be plenty available in two to four weeks after I have filled my back-orders. Selling in groups of 5 (£125) or 10 (£200). I cannot post. You are welcome to arrange your own courier, pick...
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    Hi, i've kept frogs before, but this is the first time i've managed to get a Theloderma species! i was given care info, which i've acted on as best i could as described below. i'd just like to double check i've got the care ok...mostly because i've not observed feeding yet. he (i assume he...
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    Captive Bred 2008, F1 generation, well started 3-4cm juveniles bred by Andrew Tillson-Willis of Pollywog. Feeding well on medium crickets, waxmoth, curly flies, small locusts etc. These stunning little frogs are very hardy and easy to care for, they require a semi-aquatic, arborial setup at...
1-13 of 13 Results