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    Looking to thin out my collection Willing to do deals on multiples Postage (£9 RMSD) or collection (Edinburgh area) All sizes are approximates T.Blondi - Unsexed (7cm) £55 T.albopilosus - Unsexed (8-10cm) £10 T.Cyaneolum - MM+AF (Male is getting quite old) £70 N.Incei - Unsexed (3-4cm) £8 each...
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    Hi all, I've been looking all over (forums/UK & European sellers) for a T.apophysis of any size/age but to no avail! So if anyone has one they want to sell, please let me know! Not interested in a male. Preferably want a confirmed SA/A female, but would consider an unsexed sling/juvie. Cheers!
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    THERAPHOSA STIRMI Burgundy Goliath MATURE MALE. Matured at the beginning of March, but unfortunately my female is not going to mature in time to mate with him. You are welcome to collect from the S5 area of Sheffield, or will post by Royal Mail Special Delivery at a cost of £6.50
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    I am selling Theraphosa stirmi.CB 15/16 1st-2nd molt for dealers/breeders. Minimum order 25 slings. Shipping to all E.U. with courier 48hours delivery. I am not going to be at any shows,so only shipping. Not interested in trades.Please serious inquiries only! For more info,please...
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    ***Invertebrates for sale 03/02/2016 (Mail Order Available) Find us on Facebook, South West Tarantulas. Free Spiderling with every order for delivery! TARANTULAS: Spiderlings-Grown On Slings: Acanthoscurria geniculata *Narrow Band/Ex brocklehursti* (Brazilian Black & White Narrow Banded...
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    Theraphosa blondi 7"+ Juvie male £75 Pick up ONLY from SEAS Actual spider for sale
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    Free Spiderling with every order! TARANTULAS: Spiderlings-Grown On Slings: Acanthoscurria geniculata (Narrow Band) *Ex brocklehursti* AKA the Brazilian Black & White Narrow Banded Tarantula. 2.5cm+ £8.00 each. (Different to A.geniculata wide band/Brazilian Giant Whiteknee) Brachypelma...
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    Time for a clear out! P.Cambridgei x3 1inch £7 each P.Regalis x2 3-4 inch £20 each P.Metallica x2 1 adult fem £150, 1 4' unsexed £100 T.Stirmi 3inch £40 E. Murinus 1-2 inch £12 H. Maculata 1 inch £7 £7.50 rmsd. Will happily do deals on multiples or the lot Trade wise il happily take...
  9. Breeding Loans
    Hey all I have 3 fresh AFs all crying out for a male! I have been searching months to no avail :-( please please please if someone has one I will buy asap or willing to 50/50 on all 3 females no problem...below is one of the fine females :-)
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    Hello here is our price list of spiderlings 0.0.10 Euphebophus rufescens 2FH 75£ 0.0.10 Psednocnemis brachymorosa 3FH 5pcs 200 £ or all 350 £ 0.0.10 Poecilotheria smithi 3FH 70 £ 0.0.10 Poecilotheria miranda 2FH 80 £ 0.0.10 Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli 4fh 120 £ 0.0.10 Poecilotheria...
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    Hi im looking for slings, unsexed juveniles or females of the following species any theraphosa, Pamphobeteus antinous, Pamphobeteus sp. goliath, Pamphobeteus sp santa domingo (last two might be the same species just thought id cover both) or any unusual pamphobeteus sp. If you are willing to...
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    Selling my collection, everything will come with an enclosure if picked up. Sexed Pairs; 2.1 T.Blondi (4" leg span) £200 1.2 T.Stirmi (all moulted within a month ago all 8"+) £220 1.1 X.Immanis one 8" AF and a 5" SAM £120 Females; 0.1 A.Versicolor SAF 4.5" £50 0.1 B.Smithi AF 6" £70 0.1...
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    Hey all anyone flogging an AF stirmi shoot me a PM please.. Cheers :2thumb:
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    I know it's a long shot as they are gold dust, but I have been looking for a sub adult / adult female T.blondi for over a year to no avail..if someone is willing to part with theirs let me know money sitting waiting.. : victory:
  15. Breeding Loans
    2 adult females ready to rock. 50/50 or whatever I'm easy :2thumb:
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    Hello! I am selling my female Theraphosa Blondi She's easily 12 cms and has molted twice in my care with no problems. £140 (includes RMSD and heatpack) will only ship on certain days due to weather changes. Thanks, Ellen
  17. Breeding Loans
    As above looking for a MM T.apophysis ASAP 50/50 or to buy dont mind either way ;-)
  18. Spiders and Inverts
    Hello guys, One of those annoying questions inc, but I just want everyone's input to help me with my indecision :D. I'm currently in the process of making a big fancy cage for one of the giants, but I just cant decide between Theraphosa Apophysis or Theraphosa Blondi! Long story short if...
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    As above cash waiting will pay whatever I have to get one : victory:
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    Updated Tarantula list for sale: Acanthoscurria geniculata (Narrow Band) *Ex brocklehursti* AKA the Brazilian Black & White Narrow Banded Tarantula. 1.5-2cm £7.50 each. (Different to A.geniculata wide band/Brazilian Giant Whiteknee) Augacephalus ezendami (Golden Baboon) 2cm £5.50 each...
1-20 of 65 Results