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    hi everyone, i build custom vivariums for all reptiles ck-vivariums have a look at our pictures and prices or if you no what you want pm/email me [email protected]
  2. Classified Chat
    I have been ripped off by arnie23 for £220 _ I paid him for goods and he has not sent them. He has been banned but I believe he is back on under a differet user name. I also understand his OH is one here but will not respond to m pm's Beware of Arnold Watson!
  3. Equipment Classifieds
    x5 Habistat mat stat £5 posted. x2 Habistat Pulse stat £10 posted x3 Habistat Dimming stat £10 posted x2 Microclimate mat stat £5 posted x1 Zoomed? 15m heat cable (no box) £10 posted Can do deals on multiples if ya like. Also heat mats, bulbs, water bowls & decor for sale. Please ask if you...
1-3 of 4 Results