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  1. Snakes
    Hi all come in the thunder to day and found my adult corn slighering around hes rub at 100mph. I put this down to the thunder because i herd they can get really stresed out. I got him out after words and he seemed to be calm. He is also in shed! Any one else had this problem? Jack.: victory:
  2. Lizard Pictures
    Thunder is my partners crestie, he managed to convince sparkles on here to let him take him home :) So here they are having some "lads" time :) PS. he jumped onto that can. Luckily my cam is never too far away cause he jumped not long after... it was probably cold on his tootsies :lol2:
  3. Off Topic Classifieds
    as title said car in good condition comes with some accerseries looking for £100 as car still runs great would reccomend this as a first time petrol rc car goes like the wind can reach speeds of up to 50mph!!! pm me for more details
  4. Snake Classifieds
    i have a thunder tiger eb4 petrol rc car i am looking to swap it for a female milk snake dont mind what colours/morph but would like it to be adult or sub adult and tame pm me for deatails
  5. Snakes
    i have a petrol thunder tiger eb4 for sale its in decent working condition comes with controller glow start battery for glow start and charger for batteries in controller. comes in original box can reach speeds of over 50mph so not a toy and seriously fun. looking to swap for snakes dont really...
  6. Off Topic Classifieds
    as the title said thunder tiger eb4 petrol power car runs great hasnt been used much and need to sell because not enough space to run it can reach speeds of over 50mph comes with car, shell, glow start battery to use glow start,controller this is not a toy it is not for children can reach high...
1-6 of 13 Results