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  1. IHS Doncaster
    Hey Guys, Does anyone know the prices for the show at doncaster in June? For associate members, full members and new people on the day? Cant find any information on it on here, or on the IHS website. Cheers Jack
  2. Kempton Park Shows
    Hi I have a child under 18mnths & one that's nearly 3 Just wanting to know if it would be £3.50 each for these or is there a cut off age? I.e under 3s free?? Thanks
  3. Off Topic Classifieds
    Have to sell my Bestival ticket as I have lost my job. Follow the link :2thumb: Bestival 2012 4 day ticket | eBay
  4. Off Topic Classifieds
    £40, weekend ticket - campsite - no sleep till brooklyn, we can't drop off so you would have to pick the ticket up:)
  5. Reptile Shows & Breeder Meetings
    Hey, One of my mates has dropped out of going so ive a ticket for the Manchester coach available, this has been discussed with Tony(purejurassic).And the spare seat can also be confirmed with him. It cost me £85 so that's what ill take back! Ill take a depo of £40 non refundable and balance...
1-5 of 6 Results