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    Hi! Unfortunately we decided to leave hobby so selling out everything we have. Big tank on top : Size : 92cm long * 60cm height * 35cm deep Breeding Group of leucomelas x 5 Price : £350 ******* Bottom row left: Size 40*40*60 Breeding pair of azureus Price £200 ******* Bottom row right...
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    Well established custom made planted, fully functional tank with Unrelated breeding pair of Tinc Citronella. Tank size: H: 60cm L: 50cm D: 40cm Comes with exo terra canopy + 2x led bulbs. Nozzles x2 , solid wood stand. Collection from Huddersfield Price : £250
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    Hi. I have a handful of greedy citronella froglets available if anyone is interested. £35 ea or 4 for £120 Based in Sheffield but happy to drive abit to meet people. Mark.
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    I have a group of 4 (0.0.4) Dendrobates tinctorius Ole Marie juveniles for sale. I am looking for £120 for the group. Buyer must be able to collect from central Bristol. Please PM me with any questions. Thank you.
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    6 x Bakhuis dart frogs CB 6/16 £120 group Can deliver M25 region or South West or Doncaster 6/11/16
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    I currently have 5 oyapok juvi's for sale/swap and will be ready to leave for there new homes in the next weeks .. please get in touch if you have any questions i will be more then happy to help.
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    I'm looking for a proven breeding pair of tinc Brazil's. Thanks, Brendan
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    Hi All, Just wanting to check If I am noticing normal behaviour from my new Tincs Azeureus. I have had 2 for around 2-3 weeks now and have seen them maybe 5 mins each day. I have seen them feed on all occasions as they generally appear at feeding time.. The tank has plenty of hidey holes and...
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    Based in Southend - will travel a little way Stuart
  10. Amphibians
    I have decided I'm probs going to go for some tincs to kick off my dart frog career. :lol2: I already have a 60x40x40 ent style viv but I'm starting to wonder if its enough height? I'm hoping to be able to get a trio but because of the whole male female thing I might settle for a pair. If I...
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    These are all healthy and all adult or near adult, collection from my home.. Will deliver for fuel cost. 3 x mint terribilis dart frogs £75 sub adults 2 dendrobate tinctorious blue sipaliwini males £70ea or £120 both.
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    Poison dart frogs for sale.. Collection Birmingham West Midlands, may deliver for fuel cost. 1.2 proven breeding group Oophaga pumilio Rio Teribe And set up arboreal 50hx 40w x 50 deep ent style with tree fern panels, possible eggs.. £320 1.2 proven breeding group Oophaga pumilio Bahia...
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    Hi All, Still got a single Male Patricia for sale. Adult size about 18 months old and calling. Reducing my number of Frogs at the Missus is fed up of all the flies!:devil: I can bring to Donny or you can collect from my home in Gainsborough. I also travel a bit with work so PM me to see...
  14. Amphibian Classifieds
    Beautiful adult Female Greylegs. Reducing collection to reduce the number of fruitflies at the dinner table! Have selection of planted vivs available too if needed. Going to Donny and travel with work so let me know where you are. Marcus.
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    4 x Cayo Nancy's oophaga pumilios aprox 4 months old. £50ea 7 x dendrobate tinctorius 0yapock aprox 2-3 months £30ea or 4 for £100 West Midlands pick up.
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    Hi, I have a couple of single Adult Tincs that I need to re-home. One Adult Female CB11 Greylegs (very big) - £45 One Adult Male CB12 Patricia (Calling) - £45 Pitty they are different morphs as they would make a great couple! Travel a lot with work so PM me to see if I am coming your way...
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    Hi All, Last thread got a bit messy so these are relisted: 2 Young Dendrobates Tinctorious Alanis. Parents were F1's, Mother was massive. Eating Springs and Mels. 35 pounds each, Can possibly deliver but ask first. PM me for any more info. Marcus.
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    Hi, I have 2 surplus Tinc Alanis, Still small at the mo but their F1 parents were beautiful big strong Tincs. The mother is one of the most impressive Tincs I have seen! Will sell these at 35 pounds each. But would be quite interested in swaps for other Tinc morphs or Azzies in particular (not...
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    Hi, Testing the water really, I have a young Male Tinc Patricia who seems to be a bit of a third wheel now that I have paired his freind up with a Female. He is about 18 months old and was from Simon T last year as a youngster. Anyone offer him a good home? Don't let distance be a deal...
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    Came across this Science paper and found it fascinating. In case it's of interest to anyone else the link is below; Dry-season retreat and dietary shift of the dart-poison frog Dendrobates tinctorius (Anura: Dendrobatidae) It's a...
1-20 of 28 Results