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    Selling some of my excess green sips Trio 2.1 F1 Should be ready for breeding next summer £180 unrelated. Look like Green Oyapock Pickup from Leeds, UKFD or I Will be traveling to Guildford in October if it helps with collection. Thanks for Looking Nick
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    Selling my trio which consist of 1 younger male, 1 adult female and an adult F1 male. Collection from TD12 4DL Pm for details and photos Regards, darren
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    Hi all, further to my post last week in my thread about needing a Female for my Tinc viv. I have now finally heard some calling:2thumb:. I had decided I had all boys based on the toe pads but was wondering why as of yet I had heard nothing from any of them (the eldest is now almost two)...
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    I got a solo Tinc nearly two years ago. It was sold to me as a Patricia but i was never convinced. So I found out it was one of Simons and got two youngsters from him last year so whatever they are they are at least all the same type. Now that the younger two are growing up it looks increasingly...
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    Right unfortunatly I am going to have to sell my collection due to saving for a mortgage and not having the time atm. Here is what I have for sale: 1x Adult cobult tinc (unsure of sex)£40 Can come with 40cube ENT style viv planted for an extra £35 1x Adult male leuc (think it's a male) £35...
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    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a D.tinctorius brazil as a hopeful mate for my male, now about 10 months old and very well grown and bold :) Been looking for a while but no joy so hope someone can help! Am prepared to travel to pick up but MUST be old enough to sex as female. Thanks very much...
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    As title, male tinc 'patricia' wanted. let me know if you have one. Thanks Brendan.
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    Contact Pets Chester: CB Dart Frog Price List All feeding well on vitamin dusted fruit flies etc. All captive bred. Adelphobates galactonotus"orange" Orange Splashback Sold in un-sexed pairs only! Frogs at two cm. £119.99 per pair. Dendrobates...