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    TL;DR: I have a froglet that seems to have limited mobility in his back legs, and I don’t know what kind of frog/toad he is or how to help him, so any ideas are appreciated!! (I do not know the ph, temperature, or anything similar about the water, sadly!) Hi! A few weeks back, in the process of...
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    I've been looking for a colorado river toad for a while now and always seem to miss them when they do come up. I'd ideally like a pair but happy to take a single one with the hopes of another becoming available. Experienced and sensible home offered. Willing to travel. Many thanks.
  3. Amphibians
    Hi guys! I'm interested in acquiring a pet toad. I have experience keeping Bufo Bufo for short durations (a year or less for rehab purposes) as well as extensive general animal husbandry experience. My preferences are as follow; able to be briefly handled, fairly docile and easily tamed...
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    hi ive been looking to buy a colorado river toad to join the rest of my animals but cant seem to find any. does anyone know anywhere i could buy one please?
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    Hi, Wanted, any size as long as they are healthy. Happy to travel. Thanks
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    Can Tapatio hot sauce permanently affect/harm an amphibian/toad if It comes in contact with skin or is consumed? If so how would the damage manifest and how could it affect the skin and internals? Can the airborne chemicals of Tapatio hot sauce effect an amphibian/toad if in close proximity?
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    Hi, I have three young common toads that I have raised from tadpoles. I had been feeding them first on greens and fish food, then spring tails and now fruit flies. I dust the fruit flies with calcium plus vitamin D3 and multivitatmin powder from ExoTerra. Up until recently they had all been...
  8. Amphibians
    I have had 2 American toads for about a year and a few months ago one of them stopped eating and died. Now the other one has stopped eating and I am not sure what to do. I feed them super worms with a supplement on it and they have a dish of dechlorinated water. I do not know why the toad will...
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    hi im looking for a group of fire belly toads based in enfield
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    For IHS Doncaster Tiznit toad (Bufo Brongersmai) 0.0.6 Early 2019 all for £120 Western Green toad (Bufo Debilis) 0.0.4 CB August 2019 all for £75 Whites tree frog (Litoria Caerulea) 0.2 CB 2017 both for £60 Bug eyed mossy frog (Theloderma Bicolor) 0.1 CB 2018 £45 Stream mossy frog...
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    Looking for one of the Anaxyrus toads, ideally a Southern but would be happy with a Fowler’s, American or a Texas. I breed Hognoses and want one of their native range toads on hand. They’d be a pet, not a feeder, just a pet occasionally accosted with pinkies for picky hatchlings. 😂 Would...
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    Hello everyone, A few hours ago, I was out digging in my yard for yardwork. We spotted a toad that looked healthy at first, but when I picked it up to relocate it, I found both its back legs are significantly damaged. It still moves fairly well and its main body/vital organ area all look...
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    CB2019 Megophrys nasuta - GIANT MALAYSIAN LEAF FROGS Two unrelated bloodlines available. Well grown on, very well established 2" juveniles. £70 each; 5 for £300. (Only 5 available from each bloodline). Supplied with a copy of my 'Reptilia' magazine article on breeding this species. Buyer can...
  14. Amphibians
    Hi all, I've been doing research on the ideal humidity for yellow-bellied toads, which most people seem to suggest is between 50-70%. However, the indicator in the tank is reading 91%. This is obviously significantly higher, and I was wondering if this could pose any issues to the toads...
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    Pelophylax ridibundus
  16. Amphibian Classifieds
    Bombina Variegata
  17. Amphibian Classifieds
    Single female Bufo spinosus
  18. Amphibians
    Very interesting article on the sexing of Marine toads, well worth a look and not too scientific.
1-18 of 278 Results