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toffee belly
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    1 x 100% het toffee belly 1.0 2014 £55 1 x het albino 0.1 2014 £45 1 x normal 1.0 proven 2011 £45 message or call 07528 084097
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    Male RBE toffee belly (vanilla cherry) hognose, unproven, aged 2 years, weighs 60 grams £375 Male anaconda hognose proven breeder, aged 2 years, weighs 72 grams £275 Male albino hognose proven breeder, aged 3 years, weighs 222 grams £250 Male dessert king (adult), proven breeder £40 Collect...
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    First Hoggie of the season as hatched over at Hippie Snakes and it's a Toffeeconda!! This little one may be available soon! What a start! :2thumb:
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    FOR SALE: 2010 Male Western Hognose Toffee Belly. He weighs 86Grams. I purchased him pretty much out of the egg and it's been fun watching him grow. Hes a great eater and active. He has never been breeded before. MAKE AN OFFER. Feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions. Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results