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tokay gecko
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    Ranging from a few weeks old - 9 Months old. Quite a few here and more cooking. £75 each James
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    Golden gecko (Gekko badenii 'ulikovskii') or Tokay gecko (Gekko gecko) -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- I am looking for one of these species - collection at Doncaster IHS Show in June. If someody has them for sale then send me PM with...
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    Hi, I have a 48"w x 21"h x 18"d viv that housed my loved beardie, Seeley, that sadly died. I now feel it's time to start again and was looking at Tokay Geckos and was wondering if my viv will be a suitable size to house it/them. If not, can anybody recommend something? I've had Leos before and...
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    Hi, and sorry for my english but isn't perfect. How can I connected gekko to had offspring because i have pair adult gekko in one terrarium but female didn't had never eggs. So I have to change a male or what? Maybe any tips what can I do ?
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    Hi, Can u sexing my tokay gekko ?
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    black viv for sale collection only 3ft,3ft,18in 6months old used for 2 months in mint condition but was the wrong size so have upgraded comes with two light fittings both with cages will need new bulbs. Good for Crested Geckos, Tokay Gecko or Camaleon
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    first post here in a loooong time. I recently made the decision to get a tokay gecko,I've wanted one for years and decided to take the plunge. I have an exo terra 18x18x24 inch tank that I'm trying to set up. I have a herptek thermostat and a ceramic heat emitter. Now the ceramic is 150 watts...
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    Hi After a female Tokay , anyone in the west midland area has one available please get in touch , would travel that little bit further for a morph of some sort .Normals fine as long as of breed able age size . Will travel within a 40 mile ish radius of Worcester . Cash waiting or will swap for a...
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    1.2 Tokay Gecko's with 45x45x60 Exo Terra glass viv. All three have been rescued over the years, whilst in good health, they have some tail regrowth and one of the females is very shy. Unsure of exact age, none were very old when they came to me, I've had them 6 years. Viv needs cleaning out...
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    Captive bred Tokay Geckos for sale at £20 each. I have 3 that are well established and ready to go. Send me a message if you are interested or contact me on 07827318256.
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    please help need some advice. I gave my tokay a little bath yestrday to try to stimulate her to poo as she could be impacted and now she her feet are not very sticky. I hope I haven't done the wrong thing and caused this .Does anyone know if the sticky feet will get better again?
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    Hi guys, I've have a Tokay gecko a few months now and i think it's matured enough to sex so i can house a second one. It's almost a year old and it seems to look like a male from the bulge and the spots near its genitals, just wanted to see what you think, it also looks like there's some sort...
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    So for my Tokay gecko i hope to buy another 45x45x60 exo-terra tank though im having second thoughts. Heating wise (for my house is quite large) there can be low drops in tempature. now yes i know that there is ways of heating with heat mats but really these are not that reliable so what ways...
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    Hi, I have had a CB for over a year now. She has always been healthy and has been feeding really well. I have had her in a large glass tank with a heat matt on the back, UV and two hot spots cause the tank was that large. It was a live tank and after a year one or two of the plants weren't...
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    As the title says i have 2 female tokays for sale, typical tokay temperment, Although one is making good progress
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    I'm currently looking for Tokay gecko breeders as I'm after a baby tokay gecko. If you breed them or know anyone that does please reply!
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    I have two tokay geckos for sale, should be one male and one female. Decided to sell them as I am not spending enough time caring for them due to work commitments. They come with a full set up including an 18x18x24 exo terra vivarium, water bowl, decoration, rock polystyrene back, heat mat...
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    Hi guys I've been dying to get hold of a rainbow or a tree boa, I have a male and female irian jaya x costal carpet python, male is 8 months female is 7 months. I also have a male and female leopard gecko that's available to swap, please pm me if you're interested. Also I've been trying to get...
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    Pics can be seen here Not sure of age or sex, he's a decent size though approx 5 inches I'd say.
1-19 of 171 Results