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    2 Tangerine Tornado leopard gecko females, both CB14. TT1 48 grams £60. TT2 68 grams £65. Both eating mealies. Collection from Worcester.
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    Tangerine Male Tornado Male Gecko - young adult £100 ONO, email me on [email protected]
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    hi Special Price weeks - Aktionswochen (minimum order 100EUR) ab 1 Gecko 11% Rabatt (discount) ab 2 Gecko 22% Rabatt (discount) ab 3 Gecko 33% Rabatt (discount) ab 6 Gecko 44% Rabatt (discount) JP Reptiles Leopardgeckos | Facebook
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    hi, all geckos we can bring to the next Hamm show. For United Kingdom delivery to your doors after Hamm Show. JP Reptiles Leopardgecko Farb- und Zeichnungsvarianten - Abzugeben JP Reptiles Leopardgeckos | Facebook regards marta and jörg
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    I'm re-advertising this stunning lad for offers around £100. You who know TUG Tornado's know this is a bargain,especially with the quality of him and what he'll bring to any breeding project. He is proven and carrying no hets. You are more than welcome to collect this guy, or he can be...
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    After my RAPTOR boy was sold this is a refreshed ad for the Tornado. Quality leo strong tangerine with almost 100% carrot tail, carrying no hets, so can be added to any project to enhance the tangerine and carrot tail. £150
  7. Lizards
    Hi I have a TUG 5 star tangerine tornado female that I am considering parting with however I have no idea what she would be worth now. She is an 07 and a great colour, I am only considering selling her as I am running out of room and am no longer going to breed her. I have not put this...
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    As title says im looking for a tangerine tornado any sex also breeds with tangerine tornado genes considered willing to travel to collect... cheers Tim
1-8 of 8 Results