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    You're looking at a 32gb iPod Touch [4th generation.] I had bought it late last year, looked after it well and have hardly used it. There are no scratches I can notice on the screen at all. The silver back is also in fairly good condition, some light wear and tear. It is fully functional, this...
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    My eldest 2 both got ipod touch's for xmas - and now my 6 yr old is driving them mad to play the games on them !! As i dont fancy forking out £180 for him to leave it in the wendy house, or up the stables somewhere, I thought someone might be selling one cheapish on here ? can be 2nd or 3rd...
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    Looking to sell this as i've lost interest, its loaded with apps, can jailbreak it before i sell if you want. with headphones (not original) and a couple of cases,charger etc... £150 OR £160 posted. : victory:
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    i have a ipod touch forsale needs a new digitizer (£15 from ebay) hence y so cheap its the 8gb 2nd gen looking for £50ono or will swap for a roach colony of either lobster or dubia
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    I have 5 of these. 9 pounds each. POSTAGE INCLUDED : victory:
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    Hi everyone I am selling my 16gb Ipod touch. It is in excellent condition (Tiny scratches on rear chrome bit, can only tell if you look close) It comes with all original packaging/usb lead/headphones/dock addaptor. I'm asking for £120 ono which is around the going rate for these. I'm only...
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    Hey! I went to Disney (Orlando) for my 15th brithday, and I dragged my mom aaaaalll the way across Animal Kingdom because I heard that there was a place you could touch a snake there :flrt: So I did! And, of course, pics. They're not very good, but oh well. I felt all her bones moving...
1-7 of 11 Results