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    I have a M reg Toyota Lucida 2.2 TD I have just had the rad and thermostat changed and it turns out the leak is from the water pump which I am not willing to repair. So if anyone deals in these. Spares or Repair Toyota Lucida that can either be repaired or stripped parts sold then scrapped. If...
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    As title really checking if any interest K reg Toyota G Limited 2.0 auto, black in colour, 2 seater, MOT May, no tax, automatic. Needs couple of bits doing - minor dings on 2 areas of body but that is it. Sony touch screen, flip up DVD/GPS/phone/stereo ( cost £500 fitted ), Flame kit on...
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    Hi and Welcome to this sale of A Corolla 1.3 GS This car has been in my family for a number of years. It had an engine rebuild at 146k as shown by the timing belt replacement sticker. All other belts & anything else that needed replacement was done. Next timing belt change is about 210k...
1-3 of 3 Results