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trachyaretaon bruekneri
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    I have Nymphs and Sub-adults of both Indian Stick Insect & Trachyaretaon Bruekneri (Giant Thorny Stick Insect). £1 each ImageBam ImageBam Sorry, not letting me imbed pictures for some reason
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    I still have a good number of giant thorny stick nymphs for sale at £1 each atm they are for collection only from Hastings in East sussex, until the weather becomes a little more predictable. If you are interested pics and care info can be found here...
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    I havnt searched so I don't know if there is already a sheet on here about this species (apologies if there is) Heres a care sheet I threw together after about a year of keeping this species, when starting to sell my sticks babies. I had to search all over to find out info about them when I...
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    Trachyaretaon Bruekneri Females get to about 6 inches. Nice chunky, robust stick insects. Really interesting to watch. Calm and docile so they handle nicely too. Great choice of stick insect for kids. Eating bramble atm but should accept a range of plants easily enough. Check the weblink below...
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    sale or swap Giant Thorny Stick insects (Trachyaretaon bruekneri). various sizes largest ones at present approx 2" offers on these or will swap for most T's species PM me for more details on these :2thumb:
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    I currently have to offer a few Trachyaretaon bruekneri and Eurycantha calcarata ova. Trachyaretaon bruekneri ova takes about 6 months to hatch. Eurycantha calcarata ova takes about 12 months to hatch. All ova has been laid in the past month, some in the past week. £3 for 10 Including P&P...
1-6 of 6 Results