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    Male CB17 Varanus Kordensis Has been in my possession for just under three years. Flawless animal in pristine health and condition. Feeds on roaches, morios, pachnoda grubs, eggs, prawns, occasional fuzzy and day old quail. Doesn't like to be handled but otherwise bold as brass and super...
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    Hello I have tree monitor that is about 1 year old . I’m getting frustrated that he only eats dirt yes u did Hearer that right. He’s supper picky he only eats crickets, egg and once while pinkies alive only not frozen I have try to feed him mix food and he does not accept it . From meal worms ...
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    Hi there all, does anyone know of any tree monitor breeders in the UK. I am looking at buying a tree monitor but I am having a hard time finding someone who breeds them and the ones I have found are insanely priced. Any sort of help would be appreciated. 🙂🦎 Thanks!
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    I recently got a blue tree monitor. He is lazy. But his claws sure are sharp. What is the best way to be handling one of these monitors?:censor:
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    x3 EU captive bred blue tree monitors for sale. Two males and one female. All in perfect condition and look fabulous. Just under two years old. Courier can be arranged at buyers expense.
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    For sale, a beautiful Male Green Tree Monitor, I'm based just outside Plymouth, and could possibly sort out delivery near by, but anything too far anyway you'd need to arrange collection yourself. In great condition, eats very well, very active and very confident around people. I do not handle...
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    Hi all, I've got a 5 month old Macraei with a mild R.I. He/she is still eating but is just rather subdued. Haven taken the little one to the vet to do a swab and in the mean time have been advised to nebulise with F10 sc which I've been doing and as advised in the viv as it's still very young...
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    I have for sale a sub adult pair of Varanus reisingeri, very bright and lively pair feeding mainly on locust and roaches. I can get pics to any1 interested via email or text, serious offers only. My contact is 07446857272
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    hoping to been getting sum green tree monitors this year but just need a bit of help 1st i see a lot of people do not put guards on there bulbs now is this just people risking it or is it so there can't climb on the guards and get to close to the heat ? 2ed when it comes to food supplements...
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    cb13 black tree monitor. Still very small (size 2 locust) but super tame! this monitor will eat anything you put in... pieces of pinky etc and will eat from small tongs. any questions please pm me
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    CBEU Biak tree monitors (Varanus kordensis) 0.0.4 £800 each two for £1550 all four for £2400 babies 25cm TL clearly not your average poor quality imports, these readily jump onto my hands when I open the viv
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    after a yellow or green tree monitor , hatching if anyones got?
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    Hi all, I have a 2009 genuine CB adult male Varanus reisingeri (Yellow Tree Monitor aka. yellow phase prasinus or sprout monitor) for sale. I have had him since he was a hatchling and he is tame as you like, eats anything, stunning animal. These are very rarely seen and never of this calibre...
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    Selling my collection due to financial problems, all very well looked after and much loved. All sales very reluctant and prices stated are my rock bottom prices. Any questions you can call me anytime on 07446857272. Sorry there are no pics but can send via text to any1 interested. (Will keep...
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    i have recently sold my tree monitor to a collector so have a large arboreal vivarium spare which I no longer have a use for. the vivarium is quite large and heavy but a beautiful show piece in any room, it is also lined with Perspex plastic on the base and walls to protect the wood from the...
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    Rare opportunity to own an adult male varanus reisingeri. Late CB08 example complete with CITES handover docs and breeder details. Has breed in the past with female purchased at same time however female died due to complications laying eggs. Never misses a feed and very active! Very yellow on...
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    For sale is our tree monitor who we have owned for 3-4 years, he was purchased from a member on reptile forums who purchased the animal from Pilbara Reptiles who hatched the animal from their own captive breeding. the animal feeds on Dubai roaches, occansionaly he will eat large crickets, he...
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    1.1. Varanus kordensis net pattern tree monitors for sale have laid eggs in the past eat well shed well. Can come with there 6 by 3 by 18 viv however it does need some tlc.
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    I have to decided to part with my baby black tree monitor (varanus beccarii) due to not having the time nor space to keep him! But I'm gutted to move him on but doing so allows me to focus on the prasinus breeding! He/she is still too young to sex and it is a CB13 bred by Derren reptile den...
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    i was wondering what would be the best tree monitor for me to start off with and any help and guidance would be nice and helpful :mf_dribble:
1-20 of 38 Results