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tremper albino
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    I am going travelling in three weeks time so I'm looking to sell my super giant leopard gecko breeding colony. The breeders were bought from my friend a zoologist from Cambridge university. For sale I have 33 hatchlings 1 adult super giant female and 9 eggs still incubating for females. These...
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    Fallen on harder times and need to sell up most of my leos. Good homes only, no time wasters please as this is already really hard. Pickup/delivery to Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, North London or Devon (depending on where you live and mutual availability). 50% of price of...
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    Sex: Male DOB: 2009 Price: £50 Proven breeder Because of personal reasons, I'm selling the last of my leopard gecko's. He's like a big cuddly bear. Feeding on mealworms.
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    CB14 Tremper Albino Leopard Gecko Female £60
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    I have 2 very nice baby leo's for sale which come from White & Yellow Abyssinian het Raptor X Tremper G-Project het Eclipse. Both were incubated for male and look male. Baby 1 a very nice Normal het Tremper & Eclipse 26g £35 Baby 2 a stunning little Patternless Stripe Tremper Albino het...
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    Hey guys, I thought I'd better start a thread for my new Tremper Albino named India' - At least I believe he is a Tremper Albino and no other funky names lol. He wasn't handled much at all by the looks of things. He went for the shop assistant, went for family members and generally done a...
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    Due to my life being taken over by my newborn baby :) i'm selling most of my leo collection. I will post the rest over the next week, I just don't have time to take pics and info for everything at once, but I have Normals, Tremper Albino, SHCTB a RAPTOR and all the equipment involved. Back to...
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    6 leos for sale, two female baldy super hypos. 2 female and 2 male tremper albinos. New add due to me being unsure about price and morphs. Thank you to all who helped.
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    hi i have 3 leopard gecko morphs which looking to sell as wanna stick to my boa's. i have a male blizzard, male sunglow and female tremper albino. can come with setup or without and willing to sep and can provide housing if need as have setups not being used, open to offers or swap for boa maybe
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    Few updated photos on some awesome geckos. 1. Radar female 65gs £150 2. Female Bell 50% RADAR 30gs £60 3. Male Het RADAR class colours on him 30gs £60 4. Female Het RADAR seems a bit dizzy when handled but eating and growing fine. non breeder £40 5. Female Het...
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    some more photos of a few of the crew. Tremper albinos, mum raptor dad "absyninnian", gimmick or not there is certainly something going on here, also the false eclipse eye is pretty nice ehe. love the white eyelids and orange eye liner! My best hatchling i think :), just gotta scour...
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    This boy is a stunning chunky adult male mack tremper, about 2 years or so old purchased from the Grinning Gecko (so you know he's top quality) that I had for sale a while back and had on hold for someone but haven't heard anything from them in a long time now so I'm putting him back up on here...
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    £25 each, temp sexed female. For pictures of them check out my facebook page.: victory: East Anglian Reptiles | Facebook
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    I am selling 2 Tremper Albino Leopard geckos (3 months old). Believed to be female but cant be sure. Can be sexed if required. Both shed well, poo well and eat well! Picture at the bottom shows adult male father. £40 pound each.
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    Hatched 10.07.12 Eats well, sheds well and poos well growing fast. Collect from nr lewes sussex. Growing fast, ready now!!! I am selling this on behalf of my friend so private message me if you are interested ands i will put you through to the seller. Pictures on request.
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    Hi i have up for sale three leopard geckos, one male and two female with two tanks to separate them when not breeding. Male: Hypo tremper albino Females: Tremper albino mack super snow tremper patternless albino male and tremper albino are proven breeders but the mack super snow tremper...
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    Hi, for sale I have 2 CB10 female hypo Tremper albino leopard geckos. They're siblings that would be ideal for breeding, both weighing in at 69g give or take. They're currently fed on mealworms, brown and black crickets and locusts. They shed well and are both very tame. I'm asking £50 each but...
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    I'm really very sorry to annoy you with such a trivial question! I have a female leopard gecko and I'm not entirely sure of her morph. I can't seem to find any pictures which really look like her to be 100% certain, nor any real morph guides which have anything similar to her on. I've been told...
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    Hi, I have two female hypo Tremper albino leopard geckos for sale. Both are are about 18 months old (21/06/2010) and are feeding on a variety of crickets (brown and black), mealworms and locusts. Both are brilliant handlers (one more than the other) and are eating, shedding and pooing fine. The...
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    I have for sale a 6 month old tremper albion MALE weighing at 40g 22/01/12.. He is great to handle v tame, eats well poos and sheds fine. Reason for sell is I bought 6 leo geckos in one go from diff sellers hoping to get 5 females and 1 male ...3 have turned out to be male and 3 female. I...
1-20 of 51 Results