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  1. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi I have for sale as follows 2 x exo terra tortoise compleat diets , 1 x t Rex bio series solar drops 1 x t Rex cricket diet 1 x t Rex calcium plus food for crickets All new Collection from Wolverhampton
  2. Lizards
    I bought some of this because I heard good things about it, I dont want to start another calcium debate. But I purchased it on eBay and the product was black with blue lid and yellow label called calcium plus leopard gecko but the picture was black with pink lid and pink label The guaranteed...
  3. Lizards
    (T-Rex Sandfire Day Gecko Diet Meal Replacement Formula, 50g) can you actually use this alone as a solid diet? it says meal replacement? also what are people dusting there livefood with for there day geckos?
1-3 of 3 Results